“It’s always the quiet ones.”

Consulted Prof Kim over my paper today after my classes and that’s what she said to me when we were going through it. I should contextualise and say that I got an A (!!!) for my paper and it was one of two given out in the class – the other being Desmond, another quiet person in the class. I won’t classify any of my classmates being very quiet though, everyone does speak up occasionally (though some more than others) to give input about the week’s topic.

I’m not really sure why but what she said kind of stuck with me throughout my entire trip home. She offhand said it like oh it’s always the quiet ones that get the best grades and got me thinking about personalities and perceptions and how those two always aren’t the same.

I would label myself as an introvert – I enjoy my own company the most and sometimes people are just tiring – but there are aspects to me that aren’t so clear cut. Like yes, I usually won’t be the first to initiate a conversation but if someone does say hi, I do talk to them earnestly and can hold a conversation unless they say something so disparaging that it just turns me off.

I have all this depth within me but sometimes it’s very hard for me to speak up in a group. Sometimes, I do know the answer and know that it’s the right one but it is still intimidating for me to raise my hand or just voice it out. I know it’s one of my weaknesses and I am working on it but it just takes time I guess. Which brings me to the point where today in my Migration class we got back our research papers and was pleasantly surprised to find an A- (seriously, this semester is off to a great start). Prof Kevin wrote that it was a well-researched and well-written paper but he put in a side note that I should try to speak up more in class (these words were underlined sigh) and voice out these opinions that I have.

I’m not feeling bad about it. Those comments don’t make me feel particularly sad (this is possibly a side-effect of being emotionless, but more on that in another post). I just take them as constructive criticism and am going to try to make my contribution in these next 7 weeks or so.

Wish me luck as I go on this very intimidating and out-of-my-comfort-zone journey.


The most beautiful moment in life.

People by now probably now I’m a big BTS fan. I pretty much spent my entire afternoon (amidst all the room improvement + cleaning but I’ll get to that in another post) watching their latest concert DVD on Youtube. Aptly named Hwa Yeon Yeong Hwa which means The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.

I find Rap Mon’s speech the most motivating part of the video (skip to 11:32!). Basically what he’s saying is that the most beautiful moment shouldn’t just be a moment or moments in our life. It should be our whole life. We should strive to live the fullest life and not to forget to have fun along the way as we try and challenge ourselves from time to time.

Now, I’m not sure if I’m biased because I’m a fan but I really find that quite powerful and compelling. So compelling in fact that I am doing readings, even though I said to myself I could take it easy today since it’s a Sunday. But since every moment in life is beautiful, we should strive to make full use of it, no?


I just registered for a BTS HYYH Concert DVD screening fan-event taking place next weekend and I’m so excited! It’s not confirmed yet that I’m on the list (there’s limited places on offer) but it still doesn’t deter my excitement haha.

Plus, the whole process of registering made me so jittery. It’s always the case isn’t it? I find myself so nervous when buying concert tickets or applying for something that means a lot to me even though 99% of the time things go smoothly. It’s just this utter panic I have whilst inputting my details. I always worry whether I put in the right email, the right card no. etc. etc. Silly me. I should know better now but I still find myself trapped in it.

And now the waiting begins. The fan twitter says they’ll email successful applicants by the end of the day so wish me luck!

UPDATE: I didn’t get it. Oh well, it’s no bother. Some kind ARMY has uploaded most of it online! 😀


I did the quiz a while back and was pleasantly surprised to find that I’m a Slytherin now! I’ve always felt I’ve straddled between Ravenclaw and Slytherin but the Sorting Hat has always placed me in Ravenclaw. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be a Slytherin though – they are cunning and ambitious and those are good traits to have in moderation.


Also, I got a larch wood wand with phoenix feather core (!!!) and supple flexibility. Phoenix cores are the most rare and larch is a powerful wand wood that is durable as well so I am very happy.

I really like the new update to Pottermore too! I actually liked the previous version – even though it seems not many liked it – cos it had more mystery and an air of ‘magickness’ to it. At first, I didn’t like this new update. It looked a bit too Pinterest-y and minimalist to me but now after going through a few pages, it’s grown on me. The clean and simple design makes it a whole lot easier to read the Potter folklore. Some of the articles are really interesting – like this one on Draco where you really get to know who he is and what drives him – but there are some that are a bit too Buzzfeed for me haha (eg. 11 times Snape was the hardest teacher to please at Hogwarts).

Overall, it’s still a pretty good site to go on. I can foresee myself on the site whenever I’m taking a break from all the schoolwork I have to do hehe.

Sawbones #recommendationwednesday



Today, I’m recommending this podcast done by Dr Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy! I came across the podcast thanks to the wonderful recommendation of Sanne, of booksandquills fame and one of my favourite Booktubers.

Just as the title says it’s a marital tour of misguided medicine. Each week they pick a medical topic to talk about and they go in-depth on the history of it. It combines both medical history and comedy in a way that just works. Also, it’s amazing how far we’ve come today in achieving modern medicine. I found myself laughing out loud numerous times whilst I’m in the train, doing mindless chores – it’s a great way to pass the time whilst still learning something. I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes so far (it’s annoying that iTunes only keeps the latest 100 episodes) but my favourite so far is the one on Royal Raymond Rife. God, that man must have some strange ideas in his head when he created his (failed) inventions.

You can find Sawbones in any podcast website, including iTunes!

Recess week is not recess week.

I’ve a presentation due tomorrow and my prof only replied my email (which I sent on Friday morning) late yesterday night.


I mean yay, okay it does seem like I’m on the right track and he was on holiday but still! He could have replied on Saturday so I could have included all this in my Abstract – which he wanted uploaded by Sunday night – and now I can’t.

To make things even more nerve-wrecking, I’m the only presenter this week for some reason. Everyone else picked other weeks and I was tempted to pick later ones but since my end-of-sem is already packed as it is, I just wanted to get this over and done with.

Let’s hope I don’t screw up too badly tmr. And that the class don’t kill me with too many questions. (They did that last week and omg I felt so bad for the presenters.)

PS. I know I haven’t updated much the past week but I will do so after I slay this beast of a presentation!

Twinsters #recommendationwednesday


I’ve just finished watching this documentary on Netflix and it’s so good! It follows the story of Anaïs and Samantha, a pair of Korean twins who didn’t know about each other’s existence since they were adopted and brought up separately in France and US respectively. They only got to know one another after Anaïs’s friend saw Samantha acting in a Youtube video. Isn’t that amazing and mindboggling! The Internet has been lauded as a very good thing for this generation (faster communications etc etc) but never would I have thought this would happen!

Family’s what you make of it. There’s no definition.

A lot of heartwarming moments are in this documentary and you can’t help feeling very happy for this pair of twins. They seem to click together instantly (Pop. Pop!) and I just love watching that on screen. Reminds me of the relationship that I have with my own younger sister. I really felt for Anaïs cos she had such a hard time dealing with the whole adoption process – kids her age used to tease her about “not looking the same” as the rest of her adopted family; her feelings of abandonment by their birth mother – but I was really happy to see her come to accept her life and know that she existed and was loved by her foster mother before she came to France to be with her adopted family. That monologue made me tear up.

The only gripe I had whilst watching was that sometimes the choice of music didn’t fit the scene at all. Maybe it’s just my personal dislike for the genre but I really didn’t like the indie folk songs used. It just seems like it’s trying to hard to be “indie” or whatever when the source material is already pretty great to start with.

Other than that, it was a really great documentary! Highly recommend to watch it on Netflix.

I really hope that one day, their birth mother would acknowledge their existence and meet them. The constant denying was pretty hard to watch. I could only imagine what a nightmare that would have been to go through.