Starting fresh.

Starting a new blog (for the nth time in my life now, probably) because I feel like it. I didn’t want certain people from my previous blog to continue reading what I’m up to/how I’m feeling cos I just don’t think they deserve to know. I’m not being all high and mighty and superior – just that I realise now they were probably a negative influence on my life and I didn’t want to continue living that way.

So, for a while, I completely stopped blogging. I have been keeping a Moleskine for about 3 years now anyway. I could write in that. But maybe it’s because I’ve been brought up with technology that I prefer writing my thoughts and feelings on a keyboard rather than with a pen and paper. I do get bouts of wanting to write physically but usually I prefer typing. So that brings me here.

I wanted to get dreamsinfiction.wordpress (that username really fits me I think and it’s a lyrics from one of my favourite songs ever – look up Spitting Fire by The Boxer Rebellion) but it was taken so I added a 17 at the end to make it more me rather than some random bunch of numbers that WordPress recommends.

So, yeah. I’ll continue writing here as and when I feel like it. Currently on my last semester of uni so things might be busy for a while but I’ll probably come here just to vent on stuff.

Till later, Cerebro. (I always name my stuff and that’s what I’ve been calling my journal my whole life. This is just an online extension of my journal, I guess.)


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