Lunch with Salleh.

Finally met up with Salleh for lunch today! He’s already in his second semester in NUS but this is the first time we’re meeting up in school haha. The fault lies on both of us – it’s either one thing or another that come up and we have to cancel. But I’m very glad that today worked out. It had to, statistically speaking haha.

I never thought he’d be a guy friend I feel at ease to confide into. If you ask me during Sec 1/2, I sure as hell would say, “Never in my lifetime.” But I guess life is strange that way. Friends you thought would be there forever, wouldn’t and people that you slightly detest (because they were bullying/teasing you so much) would be.

I hope he straightens his act out soon and start enjoying his NUS life. It really will pass by quickly. Before he knows it, he’ll be like me, in his final sem.

I’m quite happy he wants to be at my convocation though! Maybe it’s just me being insecure but I didn’t think a lot of people would want to be there. I mean, aside from my family and #teamnoblindside, there’s not many others that I feel close to. Sometimes, I think the rational part of my personality prevents me from getting close to people sigh.

Also, I rode on his 1000cc bike! It was really cool. I can now relate to Stephanie Meyer’s New Moon; the bit where Jacob taught Bella how to ride a dirt bike. It felt something like that. Very exhilarating and the engine purred like a cat. Those 5 minutes on the bike (from UTown to CLB) were thrilling.

I would take up a motorbike license again but those Facebook accident videos have scarred me for life.


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