Final assignments list.


So, this is my final Assignments List as an undergraduate (Yes, I know it’s Week 5 already but I hadn’t had time/procrastinated in doing one). Sort of a bittersweet moment.

Actually, the whole of this sem feels very bittersweet. Like, I am glad to finally be graduating – in fact, I can’t wait to graduate, think I’m sort of sick of school at this point – but then whenever I think of life after graduation, I just feel…slightly lost, tbh. It feels very overwhelming and I do try to take it step by step but sometimes the enormity of it all just astounds me. I know I can make it through (thousands of graduates before me have done it, so why not me?) but just the waiting to get through it makes me so anxious. Can we just fast forward to a year from now where I am hopefully settling/already settled into my job?

Anyway, looks like April will be a very busy month for me. On top of all these assignments and start of finals, I have the Singapore Forum beginning at the start of April. Praying I get through it all okay.


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