Perfect Man.

Basically, I’ve spent most of my afternoon (after final edits, citations and submission of an assignment due 2359 tonight) watching this and various other fancams. It’s almost 2 months since the performance but I keep coming right back to it. And yes, before you say it, I know this is mostly lipsynced but considering their hectic schedules and all the health problems that they were going through during that time (Yoongi and Taehyung hospitalised for nausea, Rapmon falling on his back and being out for a week hence not in this performance, Jin injuring his finger), I don’t blame them. Mastering the dance itself seemed super hard to do already!

Personally, I love the Jimin fancam the most. Damn, that boy can dance. It’s undisputed after this video that he really is the best dancer in BTS. J-Hope comes a close second but I feel like Hobi is more suited for street dance rather than contemporary. Jimin is great at both but suits more to contemporary (that Butterfly dance solo he had still brings me to tears.)


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