Twinsters #recommendationwednesday


I’ve just finished watching this documentary on Netflix and it’s so good! It follows the story of Anaïs and Samantha, a pair of Korean twins who didn’t know about each other’s existence since they were adopted and brought up separately in France and US respectively. They only got to know one another after Anaïs’s friend saw Samantha acting in a Youtube video. Isn’t that amazing and mindboggling! The Internet has been lauded as a very good thing for this generation (faster communications etc etc) but never would I have thought this would happen!

Family’s what you make of it. There’s no definition.

A lot of heartwarming moments are in this documentary and you can’t help feeling very happy for this pair of twins. They seem to click together instantly (Pop. Pop!) and I just love watching that on screen. Reminds me of the relationship that I have with my own younger sister. I really felt for Anaïs cos she had such a hard time dealing with the whole adoption process – kids her age used to tease her about “not looking the same” as the rest of her adopted family; her feelings of abandonment by their birth mother – but I was really happy to see her come to accept her life and know that she existed and was loved by her foster mother before she came to France to be with her adopted family. That monologue made me tear up.

The only gripe I had whilst watching was that sometimes the choice of music didn’t fit the scene at all. Maybe it’s just my personal dislike for the genre but I really didn’t like the indie folk songs used. It just seems like it’s trying to hard to be “indie” or whatever when the source material is already pretty great to start with.

Other than that, it was a really great documentary! Highly recommend to watch it on Netflix.

I really hope that one day, their birth mother would acknowledge their existence and meet them. The constant denying was pretty hard to watch. I could only imagine what a nightmare that would have been to go through.


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