Recess week is not recess week.

I’ve a presentation due tomorrow and my prof only replied my email (which I sent on Friday morning) late yesterday night.


I mean yay, okay it does seem like I’m on the right track and he was on holiday but still! He could have replied on Saturday so I could have included all this in my Abstract – which he wanted uploaded by Sunday night – and now I can’t.

To make things even more nerve-wrecking, I’m the only presenter this week for some reason. Everyone else picked other weeks and I was tempted to pick later ones but since my end-of-sem is already packed as it is, I just wanted to get this over and done with.

Let’s hope I don’t screw up too badly tmr. And that the class don’t kill me with too many questions. (They did that last week and omg I felt so bad for the presenters.)

PS. I know I haven’t updated much the past week but I will do so after I slay this beast of a presentation!


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