I just registered for a BTS HYYH Concert DVD screening fan-event taking place next weekend and I’m so excited! It’s not confirmed yet that I’m on the list (there’s limited places on offer) but it still doesn’t deter my excitement haha.

Plus, the whole process of registering made me so jittery. It’s always the case isn’t it? I find myself so nervous when buying concert tickets or applying for something that means a lot to me even though 99% of the time things go smoothly. It’s just this utter panic I have whilst inputting my details. I always worry whether I put in the right email, the right card no. etc. etc. Silly me. I should know better now but I still find myself trapped in it.

And now the waiting begins. The fan twitter says they’ll email successful applicants by the end of the day so wish me luck!

UPDATE: I didn’t get it. Oh well, it’s no bother. Some kind ARMY has uploaded most of it online! 😀


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