The 100 #recommendationwednesday

For this week, I’m recommending The 100, a TV show that I’ve pretty much binge-watched the past week and a half. I’m still in the middle of S2, but from what I’ve watched so far, this show has climbed into one of my top favourites.


Here’s the premise of the show: it’s in the future and all human beings have left the Earth or were perished in the international nuclear war that occurred. Those that managed to leave made it into the various International Space Stations (ISSs) that were orbiting Earth at the time. 97 years on, all these ISSs have been welded together to create a larger one called the Ark (think of the Death Star from Star Wars but a more rudimentary version). However, things are not going well on the Ark – systems are failing – and the Chancellor makes the decision to send 100 juvenile delinquents (hence where the TV show gets its name from) back to Earth to see whether Earth is habitable and has any nuclear radiation left. The story takes off from there and you get to see how these teenagers deal with all the problems that beset them – from surviving in the Washington forest to typical teenage angst drama.

If you take the unethical decision of the Chancellor aside (I still find him such an annoying character), the show is pretty realistic and gritty. It’s captivating to watch how these kids deal with the situation around them; it’s like a social experiment but on a much bigger and grander scale. It doesn’t shy away from the violence (hence, rated NC16 on Netflix) and I appreciate that. Surviving on an unknown terrain is grueling work. And it should be shown on TV.

There’s some pretty strong female characters on the show too. My favourites are Clarke and Raven. Obviously, both being strong-willed leads to them having issues with one another at first but I was happy to see their friendship develop in S2. The guys are pretty okay too but it’s definitely the female characters that are running the show. That being said my favourite male characters are Jasper and S1 Finn (S2 Finn is a mess and I know why the writers wrote him that way but still S1 Finn was just so pure and the light of my life). A lot of people like Bellamy and I can see why but sometimes he gets a bit annoying. Bob Morley, the guy who plays him is pretty good looking though as seen below.


Bellamy Blake, played by Bob Morley. He’s really quite good-looking.


Raven Reyes, played by Lindsey Morgan. I find her very, very beautiful. Those cheekbones *heart eyes*


Clarke Griffin, played by Eliza Taylor. Clarke is just a damn straight badass. I want to be like her.

Overall, I highly recommend this series if you’re into social experiments/post-apocalyptic/dystopian stuff. It certainly is intriguing and the first few episodes will just take you in.

The first 2 seasons of The 100 are available on Netflix, with the current third season still airing in the US. Hopefully, it’ll be added into Netflix soon after it finishes the season!


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    (I’m joking, but I’m serious. Keep watching, I love you)
    (Sorry, I’m still in shock, I’m quite normal, I promise)


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