Happy Suga Day!

Today’s the birthday of the sweetest rapper with the sickest lyrics Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agus D (I just found out that Agus D is basically Suga backwards and I assume the D is for Daegu, his hometown? Lmao.) He’s the same age as me but he has gone on to do so much with his life and reaped so much success. It doesn’t make me feel worthless or like a total piece of crap though. Okay, sometimes it does. But mostly, it’s left me feeling inspired to get a slice of that success and motivate me to work even harder to get it. Seeing the amount of work he and the rest of the members put in to their work and hone their craft is really quite inspiring.

Anyway, in honour of today, I thought I’d put 2 of my favourite Bangtan bombs where Suga personally wrote notes for his fans and organised some gifts for them. Yeah, sure people might say that those gifts are nothing compared to the personal success and wealth he’s gotten from the fans but I don’t think so. You don’t often see celebrities/actors/anyone famous giving back to their fanbase and I’d like to think this was a genuine initiative from Yoongi. Also, Kpop idols don’t often earn much from their work. Suga might earn a bit more than the rest of Bangtan cos of his producing and lyric work but it still isn’t much considering that most of the money goes to the agency, in this case Big Hit. So yeah, it is a pretty big deal that he is doing this. And I am very proud to be his fan. Even my mom is Suga-biased after watching these videos hahaha.

He comes across as such a brusque or tough guy but seriously he’s such a softie, especially for the fans. And also for Kumamon (that video was hilarious).


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