Wake up playlists! #recommendationwednesday

I consider myself a morning person. I like to start my day early and get through as many of the things on my To Do list as quickly as possible. But to do that, I need some music to make/keep me awake. And sometimes, you’re just in the mood for instrumental songs – like you can’t handle listening to a voice so early in the morning. Is that weird? Is that just me?

Anyway, I’ve found the Holy Grail to solve this problem on my favourite music streaming site, 8tracks. Now, I’m a huge purveyor of 8tracks – I recommend it to everyone I know – but usually the instrumental playlists that I listened to are too heavy and dark to listen in the morning. I need cheery music to wake me up and start my day.

That’s when I found “Instrumental” + “Japanese”. Oh man guys, this two tags are the bomb. It has light upbeat pieces that definitely do the job. Not sure if Japanese music are inherently light but this combination works for me. And here are my favourites:

It sucks now that 8tracks doesn’t fully work in Asia (I think it might be also those outside US, but I’m not sure) so they use Youtube to stream instead. But, if you’re like me and don’t update your mobile apps often, it still works as per normal there! Hoping they do sort out their music rights agreement soon.

And now, I do need to start my day and tackle the mountain of things I need to do today. Fighting! 🙂



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