A little update.

I’m currently in the middle of a group meeting at Cinnamon (so near to Temb!) – like literally in the middle, my group mates are across from me but they can’t see my screen haha but don’t worry I’ve done my part of the slides and patiently waiting for them to finish theirs. And yes, it’s a Sunday group meeting. The ultimate worst. Especially when you consider that it’s my final sem in uni and I really can’t be bothered anymore.

Anyway, I have loads to update about but here’s just a little post on why I can’t update until this weekend/next 2 days are over. One word: ASSIGNMENTS. Gah. It’s nearing the end of sem, so it should be expected but still. I had a Friday deadline to catch up to and now a Tuesday presentation to prep for. It’s not so bad as our Wednesday meeting, there’s a little bit more structure now but still I can’t wait for it to be over cos that means that my March deadlines are all taken care of.

Doesn’t mean that April is any easier though. In fact, it’s the worst hahahaha laughing lifelessly cos that’s how I would be in April. Lifeless. Oh well. It will pass no matter how slowly.

But yes, I will update on everything come Wednesday! It’s a real doozer so stay tuned hahaha.


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