Long day.

I just ended a long day full of stress and anxiety. I don’t know why this presentation in particular is sucking so much energy out of me. I have 2 other groupmates but the workload seems so much heavier than the pair presentation me and Eugene did last week for International Trade. I know why – the readings Mutalib put in the syllabus are totally useless, making us search for relevant articles and God, that took a long time.

Anyway, what I wanted to say before all that ramble/vent was that when I finally finished up the slides at The Deck about an hour or so ago, the first thing that came to my mind wasn’t the bus ride home or the food (herbal chicken!) that was waiting for me. No, it was that I’d finally get to do my daily prayers, confide in God about all my stress, and take my mind off dunya matters, even for a little while.

And that is wonderful. The feeling of peace that I immediately felt was like none other.

Wish me luck for tmr’s presentation. I can’t wait to sleep afterwards.


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