Personality test.


Succumbed to doing a personality test online after seeing them floating around Facebook. I have to say, this is pretty accurate. I guess I’m really not friendly (case in point: having a Friends Test haha) or emotional which I already suspect for quite some time, even though I cry quite easily at TV shows or movies. It’s real life that’s a bit of a problem for me.

I’m quite happy to see I’m pretty self-reliant though! And my emotional stability is pretty good. Glad to see that I’m a pretty warm person too despite the lack of emotions haha. One thing that surprises me is that my reserve section is pretty low. Although once I think about it, I’m really not reserved around my friends and am able to make small talk when I have to (just that I don’t enjoy it so much).

I know these tests aren’t actually 100% true and that people change throughout their lives but it’s nice seeing some parts of myself being validated by a third party, even if it’s a computer algorithm.


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