Zootopia. #recommendationwednesday/friday


2 days late but it’s worth it! I watched Zootopia yesterday with the sister and I’m glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nothing less from a modern Disney movie.

Zootopia is set in a world where animals have evolved past their predatory/prey instincts and are pretty much as civilised as Man itself. Humans play no part in this movie though. It’s all about the animals. We follow the story of ambitious rabbit Judy Hopps whose lifelong dream has always been to be a police officer and protect the citizenry. Of course, this is pretty much unheard of since a bunny is still small in stature and in no physical capacity to capture the bad guys. Until she does. She’s seriously so kickass – kicking everyone’s butt eventually in the police academy and becoming top of ther class. Judy is then assigned to Precinct 1 in Zootopia, the capital of the animal kingdom, feeling all optimistic about life. But life isn’t always like that. Life can be dark and gritty and Judy learns that the hard way when she’s assigned to parking duties instead of solving a missing animal case (of which 14 has cropped up around town). Through a bizarre and whirling set of events, she’s paired with fox Nick Wilde and they embark on an adventure to try to solve the missing animals cases on their own.

What I really loved about the movie is the plot and the animation. It’s fast-paced and although the ending is a little expected, it’s still thrilling to watch. Also, keep in mind that the target audience for this movie is probably families with kids so maybe the ending is not so expected for them. And the animation is beautiful! When they first introduced the different aspects of Zootopia, I was amazed. The attention to detail is astounding.

The main characters, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps were also definitely not one-dimensional characters. I find myself quite attracted to Nick even though he’s a fox and I entirely blame Jason Bateman who voices him haha. His voice is pretty rich and I love it.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend it! It might be a notch higher than Big Hero 6 for me but just a notch cos Baymax still has my heart hehe.

Fun fact: Zootopia is called Zootropolis in some parts of Europe. Are they so fearful of the communist ideology that they’re even renaming a Disney movie? I find this very interesting hmm.


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