Media bias.

The Brussels attacks were yesterday. It was very scary to see as it all unfold. Ironically, I was in my EU Foreign Policy class as it happened. ISIS has claimed credit for the event, in retaliation for the arrest of Saleh Abdesalam a couple of days ago. 30 people have died and several hundreds are injured. It is a tragic event, no doubt about that.

But what I can’t wrap my head around is the media coverage over it all. How the media is so biased towards Western/white countries. It happened in the Paris attacks, it’s happening again now. Literally days before Brussels, Turkey was also rocked by a series of explosions in its biggest cities – Ankara and Istanbul. But mainstream media barely covered it. No Instagram/insert-your-social-media posts offering solidarity and support. I think out of all the celebrities I follow on IG, only Mesut Ozil (the Arsenal footballer) posted something about it. And that’s because he is of Turkish descent (I’m not sure if he’s actually Turkish but I don’t think so).

I’m not saying that Turkey bears a heavier woe than Brussels. Both events are very tragic and shouldn’t have happened. It’s just that it’s very saddening and disappointing to see that even in the age of globalised networks and social media where news spreads quickly, we still see very apparent media bias.

I’m not sure what I can do to remove or alleviate this. I am, after all, just a single individual. But I felt like I had to write about this. It’s not just Western countries that’s being attacked for being unIslamic. Going by that logic, Turkey shouldn’t have been attacked at all. These extremists are clearly not Muslims as they are not following Islam – a religion that literally means peace. Media coverage is thus very important to remove any stereotype anyone might have about Islam. It goes a long way. And I hope that by writing this post, it’ll at least be one step in doing so.


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