Just Come to Me. #recommendationwednesday

Taking a break from assignments and the semi-hiatus to post this song! Seriously it’s been playing on repeat for the past day and a half. I love the chorus so much. That melody~

Why you can’t
Why you can’t come to me, to me
I don’t know how to calculate or do push-and-pull
I just want you

Are you sure
Can’t you take my love, you
I will make you happy I will give you everything
Just come to me

The english translation sounds a bit off but I bet it made sense in Hangul haha #lostintranslation.

Anyway, I do have loads to update on just that I have not gotten the time to just sit down and write. I did get an extension on one of my essays though so that’s amazing. First time in my entire uni life.

Seems like I’m doing a lot of things for the first time this academic year. I quite like it.

Hopefully back to regular posting this time next week when all assignments as an undergraduate are over! 🙂


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