Can I finish a 3000 word essay by tonight? Not counting references or final edits cos that’s way too much on my plate. I am thinking yes I can. I already have 630 words written out and if I pace myself properly, it’s achievable. Would it be a decent paper? I think so. ‘A’ grade material? Hell no haha.

It’s funny cos I used to take at least 3 full days to write a paper of this length (PS papers are so research intensive) but now in my final sem, I’m like oh paper due tmr? 3k? I can start later tonight hahaha. Not sure if this shows my writing skills have improved or I’m not that bothered anymore. I’d like to think it’s the former. I really cannot do anything half-assed.

I’ll update again if I manage to meet my self-imposed deadline! 🙂

EDIT: I did it! I actually met my deadline omg so happy I can sleep in peace tonight hahaha woooooooo


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