The last week of school.

Currently suffering from the flu but I’m armed with my piping hot green tea and Panadol Flu Max ready to start the day.

My mom said to just stay home since I’m quite sick but since it’s my last week of school ever (at least for the foreseeable future; a Masters degree is in my 5 year plan), I think I should just suck it up and go to class 🙂

Also, I’m almost reaching the end of my assignments! Currently editing Malaysia Politics’ group essay (lol this class) and one final presentation for Int Trade on Wednesday and I’m done! In my mind, I’m really not counting finals lol. I’m heading out almost every day of Reading Week so take from that what you will hahaha.

Was talking to Amanda yesterday about the end of school and how we both can’t wait for it to end but we’ll be very sad once it does cos it really is an end of a chapter in our lives. Life as a student is really all we know since it’s what we’ve been doing non-stop pretty much for the past 20 years. It’s a very #firstworldproblem I know and we’re privileged to have come so far in our education but still. Sigh, uni. I really have a love/hate relationship with you.

That said, I’m not gonna take this last week for granted. I’m gonna take lots of photos with my newfound friends (I still can’t believe how many friends I’ve made these 2 semesters) and make new memories with them. Also going to enjoy all the pizza the profs are gonna buy us this week hahaha.

This week will be great.


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