A full update.

Wooo~ I am feeling very refreshed after 4 days of not touching my work at all. I needed it after the end of my very last Hell Week in school. Also, I had the flu like I always do whenever assignments end. I guess I’m thankful that it happens at the end and not the beginning cos then it’ll really make Hell Week even worse.

Anyway, now that I’m ready to start prepping for finals, I thought I should update this blog on what’s been happening the past couple of weeks. I’m gonna make it bite-sized so that this doesn’t end up being too long a post.

I’m going to Japan/Tokyo!

Yep, this is really happening. Honestly when Amanda told me that she’s changed her mind and wanted to go to Tokyo (also cos her mother said she won’t be able to ‘treat us well’ if we went Seoul like we planned before since she’s on a business trip not a holiday one – her mother is so cute lmao), I wanted to cry on the spot. It’s just been my dream to go for so long and now that it’s finally happening, I don’t know how to contain myself. Not even sure if I want to haha. But yes, it’s happening! I’m going from the 6th-11th May which is 2 days after finals and a 6am flight no less. Which means I need to leave home by 4am. I don’t care, I’m finally going!

Also, I think it’s really a sign from above that I’m meant to go. Everything worked out really nicely (we booked our tix + accommodations that very same day and all done by communicating through Whatsapp lol). When we were planning for Seoul, I actually tried to get tickets to BTS’ Epilogue concerts on 7 and 8 May but I didn’t succeed. Korean fans are very hardcore in clicking lol. But yep, since that didn’t work out, I think it really meant that I wasn’t meant to go Seoul, at least this time round. Call me silly, but I truly believe it.

Singapore Forum 2016

Ahh this turned out to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! Now this doesn’t mean it didn’t cause me a lot of stress, cos it did. I was stressed from the get-go already, thanks to my perfectionist streak and the fact that the driver was late on the first day. But it all worked out fine – Dr Marty and his wife were very friendly, down-to-earth people and thank God they weren’t the demanding sort. Dr Marty was definitely one of the most popular people in the Forum though. He kept meeting up with people – even meeting with the Home Affairs Minister Shanmugam for a private dinner. But his speech on the second day was very illuminating. He really is very smart.

I had loads of awkwards moments though hahaha. From unconsciously moving away when Mrs Marty wanted to pet my arm in a motherly way to being a complete blur when Dr Marty called me on my phone. In my head, I was like who the heck is Marty I know no Marty lol. I think I came across as a bit of a blur that time but thankfully I managed to gather my wits together and end the call professionally haha. But yes, this was a really good experience for me! Makes me realise I actually enjoy doing this aspect of corp comms/protocol. Hopefully this will boost my CV a bit.

Game of Thrones Exhibition

Went to this with Syu! In the middle of Hell Week #yolo. But it’s worth it! It was smaller than what I’ve seen in the New York / LA versions where there were complete costumes but I still greatly enjoyed my time. What’s more, everything was free~ They had a photobooth with a green screen where if you pose just right, it’ll look like you’re petting Drogo. Obviously I tried it and they straight away send the image to my email! I’ll include it down below.


Hehehe I look like such a nerd but I don’t care; I was in my happy place. Also they let you try this VR thing with the Oculus Rift where you’re going up on the Wall overlooking the view. Very cool. They even had 4D effects in the booth like the wind blowing as you get higher and higher. I’m quite impressed by the Oculus. It felt very realistic, especially at the end when you’re hit by a fireball and you fall to your death. The effects were so good that it tricked my body that I was actually falling. Very cool.

Last Week of School

I had a very enjoyable last week of school. Everyone felt bittersweet and we took lots of photos and ate lots of pizza. I even hitched a ride halfway back home (to Marymount MRT; 2 stops away from Botanic) from Eugene with Christabel and Harkiran. Friends who have cars are awesome haha. But seriously though, if there’s anything this sem or this entire academic year has taught me, it’s that not to judge people before I get to know them. And to be more willing to talk to other people, even if it’s cringe-y small talk. I’ve made quite a few friends this year and honestly, I’m surprised haha. I’ve never had such a large group of friends before so this is all new territory to me.

Stuff I’ve been watching/listening/reading

Even during Hell Week, I made time for myself to just watch/listen/read to whatever I wanted and I think that was a great move. I should have done this earlier in my uni years cos it seriously made me feel less stressed than I always do. So here’s a list of what I’ve been up to, entertainment-wise.

Watching: I finished watching Your Lie in April and omg feels. This anime is just too beautiful for words. Even though I got spoiled of the ending, that last episode still got to me. I also watched For Grace on Netflix and wow that was a really good documentary on a chef’s life. I didn’t know it was so stressful becoming a full-time chef! Currently, I’m watching Cheese in the Trap thanks to Sya’s recommendation and ahhh I am loving it so much. Such a pity I wasn’t able to meet Park Hae Jin like we planned yesterday cos I had a family event but he looked amazing during the Star Awards. I showed my mom and even she said he looks very handsome hehehe.

Listening: More Korean tunes as expected (Day6’s Letting Go, Big Bang’s Let’s Not Fall in Love etc etc.) but also Hamilton! I’ve seen it everywhere on my social media so I thought I’d give it a try, listening to the Original Cast Recording and wow, I’m blown. Obviously, I’ve been more open to rap and hiphop after listening to BTS but this is fantastic. A historical musical but with rap? I’m sold.

Reading: Been reading a lot of graphic novels/comics recently cos they don’t take up too much time and I feel more accomplished when I can get through them quickly haha. But I’m definitely recommending Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley! He’s the creator behind the Scott Pilgrim series – one that I haven’t read but I think I’ve watched the movie before – and it’s so imaginative and the art style is wonderful. I love how graphic novels and comics are not as shallow as what the general public perceives them to be. They actually deal with real-life themes and can teach you a thing or two. I love it, I love it.

Yay end of a very long post. Sorry for the ramble. My posts will be much shorter, and more frequent, from now on.


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