Young Forever. #recommendationwednesday

Turn on CC for English lyrics!

I actually had something else in mind to recommend this week but damn it Big Hit and BTS just decided to drop this MV/comeback trailer out of nowhere last night at 11pm (midnight KST) so sorry guys this takes precedence haha.

As expected, I really love the song. To be fair, I didn’t really like it from the get go. It sounded very different from their past two mini albums. But listening to the lyrics again and I’m hooked. BTS always does this to me. Everyone sounds really great, it’s Namjoon’s first attempt at composing, Jin sounds amazing, and Yoongi sings as background vocals homg. Too much to take. Also, this definitely adds to the theories because Namjoon (the first guy in the beginning) is the only one that doesn’t have a flashback to I Need U/ Prologue/ Run? Not sure what it all means but yeah.

Forever, we are young

Under the flower petals raining down

I run, so lost in this maze

Forever, we are young

Even when I fall and hurt myself

I keep running towards my dream

BTS always have such motivating and uplifting lyrics to their songs. It’s part of the reason why I love them so much. Not even kidding, but their songs helped me through some of my bad days the past 6 months. Every time I feel like giving up, I turn to Tomorrow’s lyrics (link here) or Never Mind (and here).

I stayed up really late last night discussing with Syu over WA what it all means haha. I love the life of a fangirl. It really adds to the whole fandom experience when you have someone to talk it over with.


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