Yesterday, I dreamt I was pregnant.

Like, full-blown-and-about-to-pop pregnant. And it was even stranger too cos it was from a third person POV. Like I could see, outside of my body, that I was sitting on a hospital bed being pregnant.

I searched it up and there’s some sites saying that it could mean an abundance of wealth is coming soon. Well, I truly hope so. Being unemployed with nothing urgent to do bores me. I guess I am a workaholic in that way. I need goals and tasks to do to make me feel purposeful in life.

Also, I know I promised a recap post about Tokyo and I’ll do it soon! I’m currently sorting which photos to post on Facebook first xD


End of finals.

I’m done with finals!!! Which means I’m done with uni life, thank heavens. Uni was one hell of a rollercoaster life and I had such a love/hate relationship with it. I’ll probably explain more in a later post but right now I’m currently packing for Tokyo! The day has finally arrived, ladies and gentlemen. I seriously think I might shed a tear or two once I’m on the Narita Express to Shinjuku.

It’s seriously a dream come true.

I’m only spending 5 days there cos I’m short on money (I do not want to touch my savings unless absolutely necessary) but I will make sure every moment is remembered and cherished. This also means that I won’t update till I’m back home and rested so see you soon, Cerebro.

*commence excitement*

A case of senioritis.

Is it just me or is everyone else in their final sem finding/found it extremely hard to study for finals? Idk man, since everything is cumulative, it seems like theĀ final finals have no weight in changing anything. I mean, even if I get all As at this point, my CAP won’t move much. So unless I do extremely badly (which is a rarity), nothing much will change grade-wise.

I’ve sat for 2 finals (one went smoothly, the other – let’s not talk about it, I just want to get a B for that class) and have my final one on Wednesday. But it seems so far away oh my goodness. I just want it over and done with.

Take me to Tokyo now pls. (4 more days!!!)