Wisdom teeth extraction – my experience.

Ah I’ve gone on another unofficial break from this blog. To be fair, I forgot what was the email I used for this blog and I recently deleted all my cache from my browser (cos it was making my computer lag so much) which meant that I was essentially locked out of my own account. Silly me. I tried every email I have and ding ding ding one of them clicked. So I’m back here now. Hello!

I just had my wisdom teeth operation/day surgery on Monday and am pretty much a mute for now – I can only speak babytalk, everything comes out muddled haha. Anyway, it was a pretty much painless procedure since I was under GA and not LA. GA just made sense to me, even though it was more expensive, cos since I’m a very queasy-to-blood person, I don’t think I could have calmed my shit while the dentist was drilling my mouth to get to the unsurfaced wisdom tooth. The anaesthetist was really friendly before the procedure – he prepped me a lot on what to expect. Especially cos of my diaphragmatic hernia condition which can lead to complications (but thankfully it didn’t!)

It was rather scary to walk up to the operating theater room and lie back on the bench-thing though. I felt very much like the sacrificial lamb voluntarily going to its death. It all turned out fine though! I couldn’t even remember when I was knocked out. One moment, I was breathing in the ‘happy gas’ (that’s what they called it) and feeling a slight burning sensation in my left arm as they administer the GA, and the next moment I was groggily waking up in the recovery room. Modern medicine is incredible.

Right now, I’m slowly progressing to half solids food cos I can’t stomach the idea of another day of just porridge and hitting the painkillers whenever the pain comes. Which is pretty painful. It’s like numbingly on one side of my face – the right one, where the unsurfaced wisdom tooth was – and I can’t even do anything but moan and groan about it whenever it hits. Oh well. It should get better soon.

Oh yeah, I also found out I’m allergic to amoxicillin! They were prescribed to me as part of my antibiotics but they gave me so much itchiness, it was a pain. At first, I thought it was cos I haven’t taken my night shower but when the itchiness remained after showering, I knew it had to be the meds. No further action needs to be taken though; apparently I just need to inform the doc at my next appointment next week of the incident and hopefully they’ll prescribe something else? Very strange, I thought antibiotics is super important to finish.

I’m quite proud of myself for getting through such a procedure. Getting rid of all 4 wisdom teeth is quite a feat, especially for a little scaredy cat like me. #gettingoutofthecomfortzone



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