That time when I spent too much.

Which was last Saturday.

Met up with 2/3 of Kambengs (Amira unfortunately had to give tuition) for the Parade of Bands event happening in the middle of Orchard Road. Of course, we went to support WSMB 🙂 Every time I think of WSMB, I can only think of happy memories even though most of the time was spent under the hot sun marching away…I think my brain has washed away any unhappy memories I had during that time. Ah, the bliss of time.

We went to Innisfree first since we had some time before the parade started and omg I discovered the magic of their face masks. I saw a middle-aged lady buying 30 face masks at one go and I thought she was crazy at the time but now that I’ve tried one (Bija face mask; apparently really good at targeting skin problems which the Lord knows I need some help in that department), I am tempted to buy as many as her. I feel like it really does clear up all the blemishes and make my skin look clearer ❤ Why did I take so long to discover them sigh. Also I bought their volcanic pore mask which is pretty good for me too! Already spent about $26 at this point.

It was another stupidly hot day (I would like the monsoon winds to come back this way please) and we spent most of the time trying to find shady areas that were not blocked off by CISCO guards. Why they blocked it off I have no idea. They cite “security reasons”, being afraid that we might get knocked down by the marching bands but lol most of the bands were too small to take up the entire width of the road.

But yes, West Spring performed!! For like the shortest period out of all of the bands, I feel zzz. But it was great seeing some familiar faces like Limau (and his protruding stomach). I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride seeing the juniors marching down the street.

Afterwards, Syu and I headed to Kino while waiting for iftar time while Fatin went home and holyyyyyy I lost my shit in there. THERE. WERE. SO. MANY. BOOKS. On so many topics! I swear Singapore suffers from really good bookstores. I always get jealous looking at bookstagram photos of cute indie bookshops overseas. Kino isn’t indie but their selection of books is so awesome I wanted to cry right there on the spot. Also, their manga selection is A++. Recently, I’ve been obsessed reading Orange on MangaFox so I was absolutely delighted seeing the first two volumes on their shelves! Plus it was the last two copies hahaha. I immediately grabbed them even though they cost $36 each but I justified to myself on the way to the cashier that they will be graduation presents to myself hurhur. I love how my brain thinks sometimes. So, another $60+ spent there.

On the way to Cine’s McD (cos we wanted to try the new salted egg stuff), there was this group of people giving out cookies and sampul surat raya which I thought was a fantastic idea. I’d really like to get more into these kinds of projects but 1) I don’t know where to start searching for one and 2) sometimes I get too intimidated and chicken out which I know is extremely bad of me. I should just #gojer and experience new things cos how then would I grow as a person??? Baby steps then.

While chilling at Macs, Syu and I had the most loveliest chat of our friendship so far talking about anything and everything under the sun. And I do mean everything. I confided in her about my fear of commitment and we also talked about Bangtan (of course). I think we analysed why Bangtan is our favourite group out of all groups in Kpop haha. I might write a separate post on that soon.

Later, we went to explore Scape and wow, I love the vibe there. The mall is so hipster and there’s cute handbags that sell for pretty cheap! I bought one for $15 cos I realised that I had no bag for Raya. I had to tumpang Aishah’s bag last year hahaha.

Now can you see why I said I spent too much that day? 26+67+15+5.50 (for food) = money flying away sigh.

Someone pls employ me soon. I need the moolah.

But I really did enjoy myself a lot on Saturday so….*self-justification*


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