Graduation, amongst other things.

Today, it was Amira’s turn to don on the graduation mortarboard and I couldn’t be more happy for her! Mine was 3 weeks ago and I still remember that special warm fuzzy feeling inside seeing all my friends from different stages of my life gathered together just for me. Is it selfish of me to feel like that? It truly was a special day and I’d definitely remember it for years to come.



Very happy of all our successes so far! Who knew we’d make this far from being nerdy secondary school kids? 😀

Anyway, Amira dropped the big news that she’s getting married this December! 10 December, which is 5 days before my birthday. My first reaction was like WOAAAAAAH. I mean it wasn’t wholly unexpected since her boyfriend and her were pretty serious but still! My second reaction was omg I am so happy for my friend. I guess it shows the strength of our friendship (10 years and going now!) that I wasn’t jealous/feeling small of myself/comparing myself with her. Which I feel is talked about a lot more in TV shows or those self-help articles that you can find online (looking at you Thought Catalog). I just can’t help feeling so happy! Hopefully I’ll get to participate in the whole wedding process since most of my cousins are either married already or around the same age as me.

Ahh today was so good. The only thing that’ll make it better is if an interview email comes through (pls pls pls). The Quest for a Job is still ongoing, in case you’re wondering. I have faith in Allah that things will work out and at their own pace but I can’t help having totally panic-inducing and anxiety days where I feel completely worthless and undeserving to live under my parents’ roof even though I know full well that I have my own set of accomplishments with many more to add in the future. Gah. I’ve always said I’d love to fast forward to 2017 where I’ve hopefully settled somewhat into my job and living life with considerably less worries. But I know all these days will lead up to that one day I get a permanent job. Till then, I’ll just have to wait and survive it out. Pray that I do, guys 🙂 #stillholdingontohope


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