Little anecdotes.

This post might not make a lot of sense since it’s about the little moments in my life. Let’s do this.

#1: Sign of a great friendship

So, we Kambengs went on a Jalan Raya the last few days of Syawal a couple of weeks back. Thinking about it, it might even be our last ever, since next year Amira will be married and married life can be a little hectic (she’s gonna live in Woodlands!) and that made me a bit sad. I’m happy for her upcoming stage of life but come December, I feel like the group’s dynamic might be a little different.

Anyway, I just decided to enjoy the present rather than ruminating and getting anxious about the future and I’m glad I did. It was really a great time spent together. When we were at Amira’s place, Amira pointed out that the guy currently on television always reminded her of me cos it seemed like he’d be the perfect type for me. In her own words, “He’s cute and a bit awkward but not in a bad way and he’s really funny.” She was referring to Donal Skehan, the host of Grandma’s Boy. I’ve seen his shows a couple times browsing the channels mindlessly and I have to say, Amira is pretty spot on. Looking back, my past crushes has always been on cute people that are a bit awkward but has a great sense of humour. I’ve just never been able to categorise or see it so clearly before.

I was just a bit blown away that even after 7 years of leaving secondary school, she still knows me pretty well. I’ll admit, I even felt a bit touched.

#2: Mini-feature on TNP

In case you didn’t know, I run a bookstagram account (@bookmosaic). I’ve always been a bit too in love with books and words and language and what better way to showcase this love in the digital age than setting up an Instagram account? I think it’s a bit over a year since I’ve started and even though I might not have a lot of followers, it’s one of my little delights. I like taking photos. I like books. Bookstagram’s perfect for me.

Since I didn’t have a lot of followers, I thought I wasn’t really making much of an impact online. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But yes, I was thoroughly surprised when my Book Friend Priscilla mentioned that we were part of a local feature on reading in The New Paper (link: here) It’s just a small mention near the end of the article but it seriously made my day!


The Olympics and patriotism.

I woke up this morning at 9 to watch Joseph Schooling swim in the 100m Butterfly Finals at the Rio Olympics (link here, for copyright reasons). This was already a momentous moment since it’s the first time that a Singaporean or a Southeast Asian earned their place in an Olympic swimming final.

And it was such a great race! Schooling was leading from the get-go and maintained his position throughout the race. WE WON GOLD. We, a nation, that haven’t won any gold medals before in our 51 years as an independent nation. It was such a great feeling.

It’s funny how international events like these make us feel so patriotic and proud to be citizens of a country. I teared up during the Medal Ceremony; hearing Majulah Singapura for the first time in the Summer Olympics. My Facebook feed is full of posts congratulating Schooling and #TeamSG on this great win.

Some cynics might be like oh you weren’t there from the start why are you congratulating him now and I just think that’s the wrong way to go about it here. Why is it wrong to congratulate someone on their win and feel so happy for them and the country at large? I believe these instances of patriotism are good for everyone. Schooling managed to unite the whole country with his win – no matter how long this may last. For a moment, we took our minds off our personal problems and just celebrated as a nation. Isn’t that a good thing? Shouldn’t it be encouraged?

Schooling’s win is already inspiring other young Singaporeans to take up the sport, or any other sport, as it shows that even if you don’t have the height or build of other international athletes, if you put in the effort and believe in your dreams (no matter how cheesy that sounds cos it’s true), you can achieve great things.

Congrats Schooling. Enjoy today; it’s yours.

Dean. #recommendationwednesday

Yes, I’m finally reviving this series again. I’ve found a ton of good music recently so it’s time to share the love.

I recently discovered Dean and all I can say is that I absolutely love him. I’ve downloaded his latest EP 130 Mood: TRBL and I love all of the songs on there. It joins that rare list of albums where I’m in love with every track (see: BTS’ HYYH Pt. 2, Muse’s Absolution).

Dean is an R&B singer, which surprises me cos I don’t usually listen to R&B songs often. They weren’t my cup of tea but I guess my music taste is changing again. I love when this happens cos it gives me the chance to discover artists I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Bonnie & Clyde and D (Half Moon) were some of the songs that could not leave my brain. Complete earworms.

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde
One night
Who cares Who cares
Just friends Just friends Alright
Who cares Who cares
Come quickly come quickly Alright
Who cares Who cares
Till we die till we die Oh
Even if this is our last day together

Nothing comes even close
To half of you
It can’t fill me
It doesn’t fill me up, yeah
Just half
If only I had just half of you
Then I wouldn’t feel like this

Really good right? Ugh, I wish he’d tour internationally (I think so far he’s only doing Korean gigs) cos I’ll be the first in line to buy a ticket.