Updates galore.

It seems like as I get older and more of an “adult”, updating a blog gets harder and harder to do. I’m not sure if I’m just in the middle of a writing slump or if this is part of something bigger. I dearly hope it’s the former. It’s depressing to think that writing, one of my favourite things to do since I was young (even if it is writing about my days), is just a phase in my life and like all phases it comes and goes as time goes on.

Anyway, since I’ve last written a whole slew of things have happened to me! Finally some news to brighten up my unemployed life. Yes, I am still unemployed though I have been to 1 psychometric test and technically am a part-time barista at Coffee Bean.

Psychometric test

2 weeks ago, MINDEF replied to my job application with a slot for a psychometric test. Naturally, I was excited even though MINDEF is not my preferred job (NCSS I’m still counting on you). This was my first positive response to the countless amount of job applications that I’ve sent in actively since June. So, I sat for the test which went pretty well. I was a bit slow in the reading passages bit – maybe because it’s been quite a while since my last test/exam – but quickly caught on in the subsequent sections. It’s funny that there’s a personality section. Technically, there’s no right or wrong answers for that but obviously they’re testing how you would do in a team setting. They said they’ll get back to me regarding the results (and hopefully subsequent interview) in 2-4 weeks  and it’s been a week since the test so wish me luck!

Also I caught a Koffing right outside MINDEF HQ so naturally I had to name it Big Boss nyehehe (DOTS reference, in case you didn’t get it).

I’m a barista?

Yep, apparently I am! Unemployed life is very boring so I thought while still working on sending applications to other places (yes, I’m still doing it cos I don’t want to put all my eggs on MINDEF in case they drop me halfway through the recruitment process), I could earn some money working part-time at Coffee Bean. Why CBTL? Well, Starbucks is nearer to my place (and that branch is actively recruiting) but they need a commitment of 6 months which I am not prepared to do. CBTL is definitely more flexible. I just need to clock in at least 16 hours a week and if I quit, I need to give them a week’s notice. No harsh rule on minimum commitment but they do hope that I can stay with them 3 months. Since that is also the fastest MINDEF can get me a job if I do succeed their rounds, I thought why not work at CBTL for a while?

I’ve been working for a week now and I have to say….retail/service/customer service industry is not for me. I mean, I adapt quickly enough but after a while, I suspect it will be mindless work. Mindless but physically tiring. The people there are nice enough but I need a job that is mentally stimulating. Safe to say that this will strictly be a part-time gig till better things come my way.

Other updates

I’ve been out quite a bit with my friends and family too! Last week, I went to the Night Festival with Jacq, Fangy and Dan which turned out to be more of a Pokehunting trip hahaha. SO MUCH SPAWN AT TOWN AREA omg. There’s lures everywhere so you can’t help but end up glued to your screen trying to catch some pokemons. I saw an Aerodactyl! But I didn’t catch it cos it was at that moment that my GPS decided not to work *eternal cries* I also tried my first duck burger! Certified halal by the people at the stall which is good enough for me. It was heavenly. But sinful haha. Halal duck foods need to be more of a thing here cos I will for sure gobble it all up.

It was my mom’s birthday 3 days ago (also JK’s birthday) so we celebrated by going for lunch with my grandma and uncle at Manhattan’s and a private cake celebration at home afterwards. I was very happy seeing my grandma on one of her better days and she enjoyed the day too, going by her reaction in seeing all the food hehe. Also the cake! It was a rainbow cake that I bought from Prima Deli hehe. Here’s a snapshot, courtesy of my bookstagram.


I’m also planning to go JB with Amanda this Tuesday! My parents have finally given me the green light (with some conditions: be back before it gets dark cos JB is “dangerous”) so we’re finally gonna hunt down that chicken chop restaurant and possibly go for churros afterwards! Hopefully my tummy will have lots of room that day. And then, we’re gonna end the day in one of my favourite places in the world – the MPH bookstore at City Square. The exchange rate is too good now to pass it up and I’ve bought quite a few books from that branch previously that I now have a members card so hello more discounts 🙂

Oh, God. I forgot how freeing writing on here is. I’ll work on writing more soon. I still want to talk about what I have been up to movies/TV shows/books/songs-wise but this post is getting a bit too long so I’ll stop here.


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