My calling?

Two weeks ago, I was called in for a written and voice test by SAFRA radio for the English Broadcast Journalist position. Really have to thank my mentor for this great opportunity – she used to work there and she really polished my cover letter and resume to the amazing state that it is today.

The test was in the same building where I took my MINDEF test a couple of months ago. I swear, if my future workplace is not in the Red Hill area, I do not know what to say. I’ve been to countless interviews in the area already haha. Anyway, short anecdote, but being the utter klutz that I am, I actually somehow managed to break my water bottle while it was being scanned along with my handbag in the entrance area. The poor NS boy on duty was speechless just seeing water pouring out on the conveyor belt.

But the test went well! Not to jinx things, but I really felt like it went well. I was given two hours to complete the written section and afterwards a short voice test. The written section was pretty comprehensive – some general knowledge questions to test your grasp on current affairs, what questions would you ask in a hypothetical press conference, coming up with stories from press releases. But because it’s for a radio station, the stories are really short. At most it has to be 3 paragraphs with each paragraph containing not more than 3 lines. And in Arial size 14. It was quite a feat especially with the first story where the press release was 3 pages long. But as challenging as it sounds, while I was doing it, I really felt like this was what I am meant to do. It was such a great experience. And it made me hungry for the position. I’m hoping that this is a good sign.

The voice test was something that I really panicked over when I first received the email. I’ve never done any voice work before so naturally I was nervous. It doesn’t help that my perfectionist streak wanted everything to be well-prepared and perfect. But I got anxious over nothing. It was actually pretty cool being in the recording studio and seeing all the equipment! The sound technician gave me loads of time to rehearse the short script I was given (basically a news bulletin) and I managed to get a “very good” take on the first try! Quotation marks because that is what the technician said hehe.

I left feeling very satisfied with the effort I put in.

Praying that I get called up for the HR interview. They said it would be about two weeks so any day now. If they don’t get back to me by Friday, I’ll give them an email requesting for an update on my application. Pls pray that I do get the interview (and the job). I wasn’t this passionate for the MINDEF job but God, I so am now for this one.


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