That time I fell at work.

Yesterday was Deepavali and expectedly a busy day for the coffee shop. I still don’t get why people pay stupid money to eat microwaved food. Admittedly they are rich people but still. Go to a proper restaurant…? Idk.

Anyway, it was busy, I was running around servicing the tables and making sure the dishwasher is stocked etc etc. I was bringing over the clean plates in the basket to their respective places outside when I just slipped and fell with the basket. Thankfully only one mug broke and I was okay with no scratches or broken bones. Just a red patch on my right arm where I fell first and the side of my right thigh feeling a bit numb.

The funny thing was, when I was falling, I just went oops, falling down in my head hahaha. I think it was because I was somehow falling 90 degrees sideways (I never fail to astound myself). I didn’t even shout. Shireen, the full-timer, screamed though haha. But everyone was really nice. Syahindah, the AM, really took care of me and insisted I took a break even though I was fine.

But, yes I’m really fine. My right side is feeling a bit sore and tender but it’ll go away in another day or two.

I really find this incident more funny than painful haha. Silly me.


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