I am me (and that’s okay).

Waiting for my face mask to be cool (pro tip: put it in the chiller for 30 mins before applying it on your face!) so I thought I might update on here. Hi, it’s been a while hasn’t it.

Anyway, I realised something about myself a couple of weeks ago. I was locked out from a Japanese lit talk at the Singapore Writers Festival (curse you, crowds) so I thought I’d take the time to walk around the area while waiting for my next talk and Sya to arrive. And boy, did I walk.

I saw a dragonboat race, a hipster fashion photoshoot going on, and just people living their Saturday. Also, let me tell you that being a fashion model must mean that you are not self-conscious. There were so many photographers crowding over this one model and I sure as heck can’t be in her position without wanting to crawl in a corner, much less be pulling off sexy expressions.

I also walked quite a bit by the river and this is the something-that-I-realised-about-myself. I love my own company. I mean, I always knew I was a bit of a lone wolf but I never felt that more strongly than that day. I was so comfortable with just walking alone and reflecting on myself while taking in the sights around me. It heartens me somewhat this fact about myself – that even though I have numerous flaws, I still love myself 🙂

Sort of wish I can do these solo walks overseas but alas, parents. Maybe when I’m more older? (How old do I need to be though that is the golden question).


So proud of my babies T.T

This happened 3 days ago but I still feel so proud of them. It took them 3.5 years but they finally did it – they won their first Daesang/ Grand Prize. You can really see how taken aback they were – JK was stuck to his seat for the longest time – and rightfully so since EXO was the expected winner.

I am just so proud of them and what they have accomplished and this for sure is on my list of inspirational videos to watch when I’m needing a dose of motivation in my life.

Teamwork made the dream work :’)

(More of a fangirl post this turned out to be but I couldn’t help it. Being a fangirl is definitely in my DNA haha and when your group earns unexpected wins, you can not talk about it.)

I don’t know what to title this.

Today, I went to an interview. I think it went really well (thank you Amira for the numerous tips!) but sadly, I don’t think the position suits me. Gah, life y u liddat.

I know I’ve been job-hunting for so long and would really take any job at this point (Coffee Bean does not count) but I also don’t want a job that makes me dread waking up on a weekday. Since I’ll spend so much time at work, shouldn’t it at least give me a bit of satisfaction? Or am I just being too picky in this economy? :/

US Elections: A Rant

I just can’t believe it. How is this reality? How did humanity get to this point? HOW DID THE ORANGE MAN WIN THE KEYS TO THE WHITE HOUSE.

This post will mostly be a ramble of words cos my mind still has not fully wrapped itself around the idea of a Trump presidency. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

It’s scary to think that a nation voted for one of the most slimiest person alive to become their president. He’s not a good citizen or a person and now he’s president of one of the powerful states in the world? Was this how Hitler came into power?

I feel so sorry for all minorities living in the US. They must feel so scared and uncertain of the future in their own country. Heck, I feel scared and I’m several timezones away. Sure, Clinton had her share of scandals but couldn’t the Americans see that she was the lesser of two evils? Plus, she’s QUALIFIED for the job. Oh my goodness. I can’t comprehend the stupidity.

This is truly the darkest timeline.