US Elections: A Rant

I just can’t believe it. How is this reality? How did humanity get to this point? HOW DID THE ORANGE MAN WIN THE KEYS TO THE WHITE HOUSE.

This post will mostly be a ramble of words cos my mind still has not fully wrapped itself around the idea of a Trump presidency. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

It’s scary to think that a nation voted for one of the most slimiest person alive to become their president. He’s not a good citizen or a person and now he’s president of one of the powerful states in the world? Was this how Hitler came into power?

I feel so sorry for all minorities living in the US. They must feel so scared and uncertain of the future in their own country. Heck, I feel scared and I’m several timezones away. Sure, Clinton had her share of scandals but couldn’t the Americans see that she was the lesser of two evils? Plus, she’s QUALIFIED for the job. Oh my goodness. I can’t comprehend the stupidity.

This is truly the darkest timeline.


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