I am me (and that’s okay).

Waiting for my face mask to be cool (pro tip: put it in the chiller for 30 mins before applying it on your face!) so I thought I might update on here. Hi, it’s been a while hasn’t it.

Anyway, I realised something about myself a couple of weeks ago. I was locked out from a Japanese lit talk at the Singapore Writers Festival (curse you, crowds) so I thought I’d take the time to walk around the area while waiting for my next talk and Sya to arrive. And boy, did I walk.

I saw a dragonboat race, a hipster fashion photoshoot going on, and just people living their Saturday. Also, let me tell you that being a fashion model must mean that you are not self-conscious. There were so many photographers crowding over this one model and I sure as heck can’t be in her position without wanting to crawl in a corner, much less be pulling off sexy expressions.

I also walked quite a bit by the river and this is the something-that-I-realised-about-myself. I love my own company. I mean, I always knew I was a bit of a lone wolf but I never felt that more strongly than that day. I was so comfortable with just walking alone and reflecting on myself while taking in the sights around me. It heartens me somewhat this fact about myself – that even though I have numerous flaws, I still love myself 🙂

Sort of wish I can do these solo walks overseas but alas, parents. Maybe when I’m more older? (How old do I need to be though that is the golden question).


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