Let me tell you about the time I was super awkward.

This happened today at work.

I was attached to the ARC branch today cos they have manpower issues and it was fine, everyone was super lovely and the assistant manager was really nice (which is more than what can be said of my own AM sigh).

Anyway, this Part-timer – let’s call her I – suddenly came up to me and said “You’re really pretty.” with this big smile on her face. And I was the epitome of awkwardness. I stared at her for 3 seconds, disbelieving what she said, even thinking oh maybe she’s talking to someone behind me even though it was just me and her at the counter and then finally realising oh she’s talking to me and I just went “Okay.” OH MY GOD SO AWKWARD.

Thankfully my wits came about me then and I cleared up that I didn’t know how to respond to that and quickly mentioned a thank you in her general direction before busying myself somewhere else. She just laughed seeing how awkward and uncomfortable I was hahaha.

I’m sure she just meant it as a sincere comment but I honestly didn’t know how to respond to that compliment cos as far as I could recall, nobody ever said to me that I was pretty? Excluding my parents and even then my mom only said I was cute haha. Yeah, I think ‘cute’ is a more accurate description of me than ‘pretty’.

Gah, why was I so awkward. The only thing that I can glean and learn from this incident is that I’m not used to getting compliments – to the point that I am uncomfortable with them. I should learn to accept compliments and thank the person more naturally. This could be a sign of my low self-esteem (it’s definitely higher than previous years but still) and something to be worked on.



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