Amira’s wedding!

Still can’t believe my secondary school best friend, Amira, is a married woman now. Like wow. I think it’s just me and my child-like mentality, but I can’t picture myself getting married. At least not right now and not in the foreseeable future. Maybe it’s my fear of commitment but yeah.

But having a special event where it’s all about you and your SO is nice though. I might rethink my whole ‘having a small wedding when the time is right’ concept haha.

Anyway, I somehow became Amira’s shadow of the day, helping the Mak Andam, and carrying her kain everywhere she go. Her bajus are all really pretty and suits her!


This is my favourite shot of the day (excluding her wedding couple photos with H). I feel like it encapsulates our friendship so well hehe both of us just getting along really well and amusing each other.

Happy wedding, Amira. Have a great time in New Zealand. I pray that your marriage lasts till Jannah and am blessed with a happy family that you can call your own. It’s not even my wedding, but I feel so joyful and proud of you my friend ❤


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