2017 New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s the start of the second week of the year, but I think it’s still timely to write down my resolutions. So here it goes:


  1. Get a permanent job! – I really want one in the govt sector cos I feel that’s the best way for me to repay all the times society has helped me out in my first 20 years. But at this point, I’ll take anything. Really hoping REACH will contact me soon though (all the management people were on leave over Christmas + New Year’s).
  2.  Pass my driving test / get a driver’s license – this is very important for my Korea plans year-end. I want to drive out of Seoul and explore some of the nature spots I’ve seen in kdramas. Also I think getting a license is just important in life, especially if I were to work overseas at one point or another. God knows it’s way too expensive to buy a car here.


  1. Manage my finances well – I sometimes lose track of what I spend, especially when I charge everything on card and rarely bring cash around anymore. That is just bad. I want to save at least 30% of my monthly salary and put it away in my other savings account so I won’t see it and be tempted to spend.
  2. Not worrying over things I can’t control – my mind is a prison sometimes. My thoughts spiral and I find myself being too uptight and worrying too much. This year I’m gonna try to do less of that. If I put in the effort, I should not worry how it will go cos I did the best I could. God will take care of the rest ❤
  3. Be more sociable – I think I’m not the worst at socialising but there’s definitely room for improvement. I need to step out of my introvert shell more if I want to experience new things.
  4. Exercise more frequently – getting older means needing to take care of my health more so even though I hate exercise I need to discipline myself. So far, I’ve taken up skipping while watching Netflix hehe.
  5. Provide for the family – sadly, I can only do this when I’m permanently employed. But I have faith this year will work out for me! *insert muscle emoji*
  6. Learn Korean – again, this will help a lot with the trip but I also just want to learn for fun haha. I’m currently using Memrise and it’s pretty good so far. I love how it’s game-based so it definitely helps me and adds to the fun factor.
  7. Journal more often – I’m currently using my daily planner as a micro journal. It works in decluttering my mind and giving me a sense on how my days go by.

And that’s it! I’ll probably make a review on 31 December 2017 to see how far along I came through on my goals. I really do think this year will  work for me. First of all, there’s 17 in the year – my favourite number. Call me superstitious or silly I don’t care, it’s the positive thinking that matters. Secondly, after the second half of last year, things can only look up for me, job hunt wise 🙂

Hoping everyone else does good on their resolutions too!


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