I GOT THE JOB (sort of).

My meeting with MCI went well! I know I was feeling so anxious prior to the meeting (see: last post) but it was worth it cos I finally have one foot into the working world.

The interview itself was pretty tough though. They asked a lot of probing questions about local politics, like what is my opinion on the changes to the Elected Presidency, what is the main issue the govt should address right now etc. I took quite some time to form a coherent response and I think it shows. One of the interviewers said I can think but I hesitate. Sigh. Something to work on.

Anyway, for now they want me in as a temp till end April and when the full position opens up in April/May, I will have to sit for the current affairs test and see how well I do. Hopefully I will be the candidate with the added advantage since I’ll be working for close to three months in the department by then.

Funny thing was, this temp thing was an ad-hoc basis when I left MCI – I’ll only go in on event days where they need people – but then the HR called me when I reached home saying that it has become a proper job where I report every weekday 9-5 to MCI. Which is so cool! I guess my interview went better than expected since they’re willing to expand the job scope.

I told a few close friends, and really, thank you guys for all the kind messages. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for so long, it really is nice to see it all be worth it. Amira said it’s a good signal that they expanded the job scope and is willing to train me on the job before the full time position opens – they won’t just waste their resources on me if they don’t see potential. She also said since I always give my best to any thing I do, she knows things will go well and she’ll continue to pray for me. Idk. I just kind of broke down at that point. To know that a friend has that much faith in me is very touching. I just hope I live up to half the faith she has of me :’)

So here’s to new opportunities. I knew 2017 was going to treat me well.


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