Meeting Park Bo Gum.

Almost a week since the fanmeet occurred but I finally have some time to write about it. That’s exactly how crazy my week has been. But this post is not about that. It’s about meeting one of the nicest person/celebrity I’ve ever met.

Sya and I bought Cat 1 tickets for Bogummy’s fanmeet months ago (I’m gonna keep calling him Bogummy now cos it’s such a cute nickname). At the time, I was just a casual fan of him – I like his acting well enough in Love in the Moonlight and I’ve seen a few snippets of him in variety shows to roughly know how he is like. But boy, I left the fanmeet with him straight up the top spot of my K-Actors list (sharing with KHN hehe).

First of all, when we arrived at the venue, it was already much better than LJS. Starhub, which I’m guessing is the partner TV network, was distributing free posters if you download their GO app. Obviously I went ahead and downloaded even though a) I’m not a Starhub user and b) I was on the verge of hitting my data cap. Anything for Bogummy hehe.

Next, we were in our seats, waiting for the event to start. Suddenly I heard, “Ok guys from this section you can come outside for the free fansite goods.” The person was actually referring to the section beside us but I shot right out of my seat and waited in line. Sya was a bit taken aback hahaha. But this sort of thing – you can’t think about it, you just have to do it. If not the chance is lost and won’t probably come again.


When the fanmeet was about to start, the concert organiser said, “This fanmeet will be approximately 3 hours long.” I just looked at Sya, she looked at me, we were both oh-my-god-is-this-real-life-ing. I told her beforehand that LJS only lasted 1.5 hours and I thought that was a pity. Plus he looked pretty tired which I don’t blame him cos he was filming a movie at the time and flying to all these cities for fanmeets during the weekends. The boy couldn’t catch a break. Anyway, getting back on track: we couldn’t believe it! This was going to be amazing! And it was.

Bogummy is great at taking care of fans and the people around him. There were segments of him

  1. Sharing his photos walking around Singapore, (he did it the day before and one of the places he stopped at was the Xtreme Ride thing at Clarke Quay which is directly. in. front. of. my. office. I SHOULD HAVE STAYED LATER AND LOITERED CRIES. He even took the ride twice sigh.)
  2. Eating local food – roti prata and carrot cake. This was so funny omg. He really liked prata, even used his hands! He especially liked the curry cos he dipped his carrot cake in it lololol.
  3. Cooking! – he made some tofu kimbap-lookalike thing and it was so cute. I wished the participant that went on stage was a bit more extroverted though. When asked how the food was (after being served and literally fed by Bogummy) she just said, “A bit plain.” with that meh face. What even. I mean act a bit more excited even if you say it’s plain sigh.
  4. Games with SJK! – yes, Song Joong Ki came. I lost my shit when he came out behind the stage, even though I knew he had arrived at Changi the previous night. The two of them had a very cute dynamic; you can clearly see the hyung-dongsaeng relationship with SJK more mature and Bogummy like a little beagle around him hehe.

Bogummy also sang when he was here! I’ll link you to my instagram of him singing 내 사람 which is one of my all-time favourite songs. He also sang Singapura and walked through the aisles. Which is amazing cos me and Sya had seats right next to the aisle so we saw him upclose and personal. And my phone actually recorded a bit of it!

But it was the end of the fanmeeting that held the best memory for me. When we all thought it was over, the concert organiser said “Park Bo Gum will soon hold a hi touch session with all ticketholders. Please kindly wait in your seats for further instructions.” THE CROWD WENT WILD. Every single one of us – 3500 people – were going to be up close with Bogummy and actually touch hands. I realise that sounded a bit creepy but it wasn’t okay haha. By this time, I was floored at the level of fanservice he’s doing. He’s honestly so nice and warm throughout the fanmeeting and now this…? There is a limit for every girl and I have reached mine.

We couldn’t take pictures of videos of the hi touch which is a shame but understandable since there was so many people and it was already quite late when the fanmeet ended. I was determined to make myself stand out so I was planning to play scissors, paper, stone with Bogummy before I hi-fived him. Things didn’t go according to plan though. The girl in front of us was so starstruck that she had difficulty walking towards him and the security guy was like “Ma’am please move forward. Ma’am. Ma’am.” I was already intimidated by him at this point so my scissors, paper, stones became…

A cute V sign hahaha.

I think he was a bit shocked that I was doing it so I felt a bit stupid seeing his blank face trying to understand what I was doing but in the end he did the V sign too hehehe. ME AND BOGUMMY ARE AEGYO FRIENDS NOW RIGHT hahaha.

We both left feeling extremely satisfied. Sya and I promised to go to his fanmeet again the next time he comes by! I’ll leave this post with a few photos.



Thank you Bogummy and management for such a great fanmeeting with a lot of heart! Hope you enjoyed your stay here and come back soon! 🙂


2 week flurry.

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The main update with me is that I’ve started my new temp job! It’s certainly been a learning curve but I am hopefully adapting well – maybe too well, according to A (the person I directly report to), she was astonished at how fast I work haha maybe I should pace myself. I now know how to update the website which is very cool haha. Unexpectedly, I also need to do some Malay to English translations at work so I’m thankful that my Malay has not rusted over the years. Definitely took a while to get the gears running again but it’s a well-oiled machine now. I’ve also worked some outreach events! I think they’re the most interesting part of the job cos I meet Singaporeans from all walks of life and see how government policies really affect them. Certainly eye-opening.

I went back to Temb last Friday too for the Alumni CNY dinner! It was really nice to see familiar faces again and I always feel at home whenever I’m there. Also talked a bit to Jon Heng! It really is wonderful when you have effortless conversations – especially when I think about how I was so shy during that first Temb camp and Jon was one of my OGLs. I still have the set of nice letters that everyone wrote for me at the end of camp. Everyone said I was “too quiet but still friendly” lol. I’d like to think I have changed a bit since those times and am more open to strangers now.

I also met my mentor last Tuesday for lunch at the National Gallery. Another place I need to add on my To Visit list. We talked about my new job and I am just so thankful that she hooked me up with this opportunity. I mean I did have to ace the interview but she did put in a good word for me that helped me get the interview in the first place.

Another thing that I just started is volunteering my Mondays after work at my local Meet-the-People session. I’ve always wanted to give back to society after all they’ve done for me and I think my new job + this MPS session are good steps towards that goal. It is certainly interesting. I’ve attended one session so far so I’ve only observed how they do the petition writing report. There was one point where a lady almost broke into tears telling how she needed financial help to cope with all her personal problems. I just wanted to give her a hug but it wasn’t appropriate in that setting :/

The last thing I’ve done so far is that I went to Park Bo Gum’s fanmeeting last night! That deserves a post of its own cos I need to share the wonderful photos but I just have to say that he is the nicest celebrity I’ve ever met. So sincere, so kind, and very down-to-earth. He’s made it to the top of my K-Actors list (sharing a spot with Kang Ha Neul hehe). The next 2 weeks are going to be super busy with post-Budget stuff/outreach events but I’ll make time to write that post, sometime in the next week!

I hope the week ahead will treat all of you well 🙂

In between.

I’m currently in between. Left my part-time job at CBTL and waiting for the new one at REACH to begin. It’s strange – even though it’s a temp job, I’m very excited to start. Also anxious that I would screw things up but let’s not get into a negative mindset before even starting anything eh?

Anyway, life is good in this in between stage. Went to Jacq’s place for CNY (she blogged about it so y’all can go there for photos) and spent time with the grandma on Monday at the beach. I’ll include some photos.


My grandma on one of her better days. She reminisced about the times she spent fishing here during her younger days.


I do love playing in the sea.

I’ve always found the sea so calming and I missed it. How long has it been since I’ve been to the sea? A year? A year and a half? I definitely need to include more trips to the beach.

I don’t really have much plans before I start work. Maybe an outing to buy more office clothes but I’ve also bought some online on Zalora (thank you Sya for the recommendation!) Hopefully they’ll come in soon. I also bought a watch (my old one broke when I dropped it at Johor Customs T.T) and tbh that’s my most exciting purchase haha.

Praying this coming month will treat me good. I’m ready to exercise my brain again after so long haha. There’s quite a few things I’ve planned this month – new job, driving test, seeing PBG at his fanmeet – so hoping it all goes well! I also need to start saving for Korea with my new income now that driving won’t bleed me out financially 🙂