In between.

I’m currently in between. Left my part-time job at CBTL and waiting for the new one at REACH to begin. It’s strange – even though it’s a temp job, I’m very excited to start. Also anxious that I would screw things up but let’s not get into a negative mindset before even starting anything eh?

Anyway, life is good in this in between stage. Went to Jacq’s place for CNY (she blogged about it so y’all can go there for photos) and spent time with the grandma on Monday at the beach. I’ll include some photos.


My grandma on one of her better days. She reminisced about the times she spent fishing here during her younger days.


I do love playing in the sea.

I’ve always found the sea so calming and I missed it. How long has it been since I’ve been to the sea? A year? A year and a half? I definitely need to include more trips to the beach.

I don’t really have much plans before I start work. Maybe an outing to buy more office clothes but I’ve also bought some online on Zalora (thank you Sya for the recommendation!) Hopefully they’ll come in soon. I also bought a watch (my old one broke when I dropped it at Johor Customs T.T) and tbh that’s my most exciting purchase haha.

Praying this coming month will treat me good. I’m ready to exercise my brain again after so long haha. There’s quite a few things I’ve planned this month – new job, driving test, seeing PBG at his fanmeet – so hoping it all goes well! I also need to start saving for Korea with my new income now that driving won’t bleed me out financially 🙂


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