So…I failed my first driving test a little over a week ago.

I’ve never failed anything (of major consequence) in my life. It came as quite a shock. I failed not because I had accumulated a lot of demerit points – I only got 12 out of a possible 20 – but it’s because I mounted a curb while exiting the crank course, and that my friends is an immediate failure *cries eternally*.

The TP uncle was quite nice but he couldn’t let me off cos everything is recorded on the camera and he’ll get into major trouble if he closed one eye. Sigh. I spent over $300 booking for the next test and 2 other revision lessons (that is the minimum amount of lessons needed in order to book the next test. Any way they could think up to suck money from people sigh.)

My first revision lesson is tonight. A bit nervous cos this is the first time I’ll be driving at night. With the after-work traffic rush too.

Please pray that I’ll get through it okay and pass my test the second time round *insert praying hands emoji*


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