How work has been.


Work has been a whirlwind at times and a more palatable pace at others. I’ve been mostly busy on weekends spent on outreach events, especially during the post-Budget period. But I also realise that I need to pace myself better so that I don’t burn myself out. I figured this out in my first week when I realised I was finishing work way faster than the others and I wondered why (is it another stereotype of the government being slow). In fact, it turned out that it was because work never ends haha. And also because they were easing me into work life cos I find myself deeply immersed in work now. Not drowning but floating.

I think work is way less stressful than being a student. I still needed to study when lessons were over, assignments to catch up on. But so far, I haven’t brought any work home (except for those weekend outreach events but even so they end there and then). Partly, it’s because I don’t bring my govt-issued laptop home (since I can’t access it out of the office) so I don’t get any work emails once I leave the office.

I’m also making friends at work! I was typically shy during the first week but I think my sense of humour/me teasing people is already starting to show haha. Even my boss was like “wah this girl ah haha”. I hope I’m not teasing to the point that I’m hurting people’s feelings though.

Office politics is a complete new thing to me. There were signs of it when I worked at CBTL but this is a whole different league. People can get gossipy while others can get snippy over the smallest things. I have to carefully traipse my way around certain individuals. It’s all a learning curve.

A few days ago, I dreamt that I was with Syu (I think we were in Jakarta for BTS???) but I was already married and got the permanent job hahaha.

Which sidenote: I unofficially got offered a permanent job yesterday! 😀

It was rather nerve-wrecking cos the Big Boss called me into his office yesterday morning, pretty much right after I came into office. I mean, talk about a way to wake up in the morning without caffeine. He asked me how I am doing at work, and what my goals are. Too early to deal with this. I somehow managed a coherent answer that looked like it impressed him and he drew up a huge mindmap to visualise my next 3-5 years.

Anyway, it’s all on unofficial terms now since I still need to submit applications (just done it!) and go for an interview. But it’s pretty much a done deal since they want me to stay and I am more than happy for the foreseeable future to stay with them.

I just feel happy and satisfied that my life post-school has more structure now. I am a being that needs schedules and routines to survive. I can’t live without things planned out. So, knowing that my future (for the next 3-5 years) is more or less settled, gives me pure bliss.

Also: I might extend my JKT trip next month (if I do get tickets for the concert – IME Asia please at least release the seating plan and prices soon) since technically I will be done with my temp contract. I’m not sure yet when I would start as a permanent staff since I haven’t even got an interview date, but I sure would like a bit of a break before I really start working full-time 🙂


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