I passed!

driving test

Alhamdulillah, after two tries (and lots of money wasted), I finally did it!

It was pouring heavily too during my warm up, and drizzling during the actual test, but somehow I wasn’t panicking. In fact, I felt quite calm and just repeated to myself that I just have to do my best and Allah will take care of the rest (unintentional rhyme lol). I’m also very thankful to my last instructor who really hantam me and pointed out all the major and minor mistakes I made so that I was really cautious during the actual test.

The one part that I thought would fail me was my vertical parking. All this while, I had no problem vertical parking and can do it in one go. Somehow, during the test, I was too close to the curb and knew I would hit it. So that meant that I had to do correction. Which I have never done before. But I told myself not to panic and just do it. It took longer than expected and at one point, the TP officer looked at his watch – in his attempt to try and faze me I guess, even though I knew at that point it wasn’t even close to 3 mins lol.

But I passed! I did a loud sigh of relief when he told me afterwards; I think the whole room could hear me haha.

I’m excited to get my driving license in the mail in two weeks hehe. And also get my money back from my driving account that was unused. *insert sunglasses emoji*


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