My brain is a mush right now.

I have about 2 hours of work left today but I can’t. I have a report outstanding (only a few paragraphs on my end), but I can’t. My brain is ded.

Idk why this week feels very long, especially when you consider the number of out-of-office events lined up for the week. We already had a site recce, a promotional lunch, and now an upcoming paintball / hi-tea session on Friday that basically renders that day useless, work-wise. Also we are having hi-tea at Carousell in Orchard right after paintball. Yep, GG haha.


The little things.

Yesterday, while on the packed MRT on the way to work, I managed to glimpse a little something that made my day.

Just outside, on the platform station, there was this MRT officer who was helping a blind middle-aged guy to wait for the next train.

This wasn’t what struck me to write this post.

It was the utter joy on their faces. The officer looked so happy just to help this guy out early in the morning, and having a nice conversation with him. It’s probably part of his responsibilities to do so but that joy, it was so pure, I couldn’t not write about it. The blind man was also happy that someone was willing to help him out during the peak hour crowd.

Idk, it’s moments like this that makes me realise that Singapore is not as ruthless a city as the majority believes.Ā There’s still human decency in everyone.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope it goes well šŸ™‚

I got the job (for real, this time).

Yep, I got the HR call this week! There’s a bit of an episode behind it too haha. I’ve been having a coughing fit for the past few days or so and it just so happens that HR called me in the middle of one. The HR lady was likeĀ are you okay is this a good time haha but I quickly told herĀ yep it’s fine while downing loads of hot water to calm the itchy throat.

But yay, alhamdulillah! After almost a year since graduation (I ended exams May 4th), I’ve finally found a first proper job and thankfully it suits me well. The gross pay is also way higher than I thought – especially since this is the government sector where they look at grades and degrees more and I’m only a second lower Honours grad. I felt a bit of a loss when they told me and legit the first thought that crossed my mind wasĀ what am I going to do with the extra money hahaha. I am learning that I am quite bad at financial discipline. I tend to spend it all unless I set aside what I want to save for that month the day my paycheck enters the bank. So, now I’m doing that plus I have 3 budget apps on my phone to keep track of my daily and monthly spendings. It’s quite hard to say no to some purchases that I really want but I always question whether I need it or whether I just want it. Basic questions to ask, I know. But I’m still learning.

Anyway, yes, hopefully I’ll be permanent by May 1st so that I’ll get that permanent pay in June (and spend most of it prepping for Raya cries) and save for Korea!! I get 17 days off a year, but it’ll likely be pro-rated to 10 or 9 days this year by the time I join. It’s okay, that’s enough time for my trip hehe where I plan to apply for 7 days off (my actual trip will be 9 days – thank you weekends).

I actually have loads to update on here (2 posts in mind for Lunchtime Adventures, and other weekend things I’ve been up to) but I just don’t have the time sigh. I’ll try to make time but I think weekends are the best for me, especially since work is piling up.

I’m also been a bit off my reading bandwagon – I still haven’t completed Six of Crows despite the compelling plot and starting it a month or so ago. I watched a video on the 30 Day Reading Challenge today and it inspired me to try it too. I’ll try to read for 30 minutes a day every day, or every weekday and hopefully my reading spark will reignite again.

Sign of the Times – Harry Styles #recommendationwednesday

I know it’s not Wednesday yet but I just heard this song on Youtube and I amĀ in love.

I may not be as as big a 1D fan anymore (when will they get back together though?? Their 1-year hiatus is long over) but wow this song is so good?? Those belting notes in the chorus are my ultimate parts of the song.

I think Harry may have finally found the genre for his voice. The song reminds me of old school rock and I can’t wait to listen to an entire album of it!

We never learn, we been here before

Why are we always stuck and running fromĀ 

The bullets? The bullets?

Also I’m eagerly anticipating the live performance for this song because holy shit those notes near the end of the song ā¤

Happy Monday, guys! I will constantly put this on replay.