Dress phase?

A year ago, I wouldn’t even think of picking up dresses while shopping. I don’t really see myself as a girly girl (whatever that means) or a demure one who wear dresses most of the time. I am a bit tomboy-ish – I love playing video games, watching animes, murder/mysteries – but not too much. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve bought 6 dresses this week. 2 today during lunchtime (totally unplanned), and 4 on Zalora just now. This might sound a little extreme but I haven’t bought clothes in a while and I have been itching for dresses lately. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Plus, I might have found a favourite brand of dresses online. It’s Taiwanese brand Tokichoi and all their dresses are so cute and very me. At least the me that I am right now.


And how could I not when the dresses are this cute? They’re also all a steal – with 3 of them being under $20 each and the last one under $25. I’m gonna have to pair that pink one with leggings cos I have a feeling it’ll be too short but I am still going to look cute hehe.

Will probably wear the blue dress that I bought from Lalu today on Friday to work and I’ll take a photo when I do! I tried it out in the shop and Aq immediately urged me to buy it hahaha. Hopefully the dress doesn’t cause too much of a ruckus like the yellow one I bought from Adil did. I can be very shy hahaha.


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