Bagel adventures.

I was dared by my colleagues to join a dating app (my first ever, gasp) on Thursday and I’ve only just properly gotten into it. Never thought I’d be a girl that uses dating apps lol but here we are.

I still find it weird that there are people on the daily that ‘likes’ me based on just a couple words and photos on the internet. I find it a bit creepy and majorly fascinating. If I was still in uni, I might want to write a paper about it haha.

Anyway, there was this pretty cute guy that ‘liked’ me yesterday and I thought I could start chatting with him after work today. But I didn’t know that there’s a time limit!! He seemed pretty cool too – he likes kpop and he loves going to concerts and has evidently gone to Japan before. Majorly cool. Sigh. I hope we get to meet on the app again haha.

I also managed to convince Syu and Jacq to join the app haha. Looking forward to comparing our bagel adventures~


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