Happy Worldwide Handsome Day! 

…you know you’re whipped and complete trash when your camera roll is like this. 

It’s my dear Seokjinnie’s birthday today and all the fansites are posting their best photos of him for his day so I can’t help just saving each and every one as I scroll down my list. I have a million reasons why I love this man (he’s smart, kind and genuine but not afraid to stir shit lol) but the number one reason is because he gained confidence in himself and isn’t afraid to show who he really is now to the fans and the general public. Who doesn’t love a good character development am I right. But seriously, he’s taught me a lot about being sure of myself, to value myself, and to fight for what I believe in when the situation calls for it. 

I just have so much feelings for this man that I’ve only ever seen from afar and I can’t deal. He’s just so wholesome even though I know he’s a regular human being with numerous flaws. 

Safe to say that the fangirl life still has a tight hold on me hehe. 


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