Today, at the insistence of my Director and RO, I took 2 hours TO off work today. It’s gearing up to one of our busiest periods of the year and I pray I will stay healthy throughout and come out the other end all okay haha. It really seems like it will be an intense 3 weeks to a month.

Instead of heading home though, I detoured to Somerset and went to library@orchard aka one of my favourite libraries in the country. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing with its white shelves, high ceilings and roller ladders (is that what it’s called?)

I legit took close to two hours just browsing the numerous shelves and absorbing as much of book essence as possible. Does that make sense haha. It got me thinking about why I do this – aimlessly going round the shelves with not much of a to-read list in mind. I think it helps me destress. The past week or so has been a bit stressful on the home front and work isn’t helping either. So it was just very chill to get a bit of “me time” at the end of a busy week.

Separately, the YA collection at library@orchard is a bit disappointing. I looked up at least 7 titles that I wanted to check out but all of them were not available. There were copies at BP library though hurhur. So note to self: next time you want to go to a library, just go to BP.

Also, I’m aiming to finish three books this weekend so that I can at least attempt to catch up to my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge. I just finished rereading Illuminae an hour ago. Hopefully I can get to the other two books soon and quickly too *muscle emoji* 

I hope you all have a nice weekend ahead! Rest well~


Reading invigorated.

I’ve been on a reading high lately. I find myself looking forward to reading on the crowded train and just spending those 45 minutes escaping from life for a bit (I even did a reading personality test and yep I’m an Escapist hahaha). Right now, I’m reading Death of a Perm Sec (the language is a bit meh but the plot is engaging enough especially with the ongoing Lee Family Feud to contrast it with) and Blonote (this is a collection of quotes by Epik High’s Tablo and I’m reading it in small doses so that I can really savour it all).

This is very much surprising cos for the longest time I was in a reading slump – which explains why I am currently 11 books behind my Goodreads Reading Challenge huhu. I’m planning to read a couple of mangas to make it up. Speaking of, I bought 3 mangas and a book the other day on BookDepo as well! They were having their under $10 sale which is too much of a steal for me to pass up on. Looking forward to reading those as well.

And this is all thanks to my colleague at work: K. K can read 6 books a week when she’s in the mood and get this – she’s a mom of 3 too. How does she do it with 3 little boys and a husband around her I have no idea #futuregoals. K is also a kdrama fan so you can imagine what kind of conversations we have during lunchtime and those little pockets of time throughout the work day. But I do enjoy recommending to her books or talking to her about the latest adventures in a book we’re reading together.

My neighbourhood library recently reopened too and the space is gorgeous – very white and minimalist which I love. My only concern is that there’s no more computer terminals where people can just browse the internet? The ones connected to the library catalogue are still there though but that’s not the same. I need to take another look to confirm. There were loads of people checking the new spaces out the opening day and even though I don’t like crowds, especially in a library which is sacred ground to me, I was heartened to see everyone in the reading spirit.

Maybe the National Reading Movement is pretty effective.