Stranger in the MRT.

Two weeks ago, I was reading in the train on the way to work as usual when I notice the person sitting next to me was reading as well. It had a bit of poetic beauty in it cos sometimes we would be in sync and turning the pages at the same time. My curiosity got the better of me at one point in time and I took a sneak peek at what he was reading. It was a tome by a Russian author by the looks of it. I found myself secretly approving and thinking that I have a literary buddy today haha.

 I have this thing about morning trains and the crowds where I would feel really anxious if I’m not either plugged in to my music or seating in the train and reading. Over time, I found out that reading was a much better anxiety-reducing method for me as a good book will always sweep you away and capture you in their own world.

 So it was nice to see someone on the train with me reading too. I really liked that.



Drew RJ and Tata from BT21 today at the Samsung shop when my mom bought her new phone! For someone that hasn’t picked up a pencil and draw in a very long time, I am very satisfied. Also I found out I’m much better at drawing than my sister than I thought lol. 

All of this kind of inspired me to start drawing again. Let’s see if I do get that sketchbook and colour pencils tmr on my day off 🙂 

Being more confident. 

(Actually typing this outside Zepp@Bigbox aka waiting for doors to open for VIXX’s Shangri La concert lol. I feel a bit old when I look at the average concertgoer tonight. How do kids afford such concerts??? And yes I am solo concert-ing tonight aka the best sort of concert.) 

Lately, I’ve felt a gradual but certain change in me. Ever since I’ve started working, I’ve had lots of opportunities (sometimes forced lol) to speak up and say my mind and I have to say it’s been…interesting. Interesting and great. At first, I felt a little anxious like who am I suddenly volunteering to talk in a big meeting setting? Am I not me if I’m not my usual introverted self? 

After pondering (and frankly, agonising) about it, I just decided to embrace it all. It’s not bad to be different from your past self as long as the change is good and goes towards your personal development. At my core, I believe I’m still an introvert. I still need my personal alone time (ie. hello I’m solo concert-ing tonight). But I also am liking being more open and a bit more trusting of people. 

So here’s to (the slightly different) new me. Took almost the end of the year for me to acknowledge this but ayyy better late than never 🙂 


I’m back! This is just going to be a short post with not much details cos it was a full 9 days trip and to recount all of it would be a mammoth task. Also, I did get a lot of little clips on my digital camera (I’m really loving its user-friendliness and pretty great shots taken) so I’m hoping to compile them soon into a little travel documentary. Hopefully it’ll be more than 2 minutes long lol.

Seoul was wild. It had this frantic energy about it. From the ahjummas who unapologetically went on their own little journeys around the city (without caring who was in the way), to the lively youth who spent their weekends in dance crews or singing and performing for the public, Seoul was very much like that naughty kid in primary school who just couldn’t sit still. Very different from Tokyo which is an interesting contrast considering how close these cities are geographically. 

As a person who loves routine and having a set schedule, guess which city I loved more haha. I can’t help it; I’m more accustomed to Japanese food, TV, and their general way of life. That’s not to say that the trip was bad. It was actually really good. I appreciated the much-needed break from office life (I didn’t realise I’ve been working non-stop from Feb till now – through all the hectic periods) and it was great seeing how different people across the world functions. There were also unexpected cases of kindness – from the cab driver who really went out of his way to get us to the Yang Good Restaurant despite his poor English to the young lady who helped us to write the address in Hangul so that we can show it to people when we lost our way haha. Reminded me that we are all just tiny little humans with much to learn from everyone around us. 

I was really happy to see some of my favourite kpop acts live. The fan culture was also incredible to see in person. YouTube can’t prepare you enough for the real thing hahaha. Also, the nature!! Autumn might just be my favourite season – it was cold enough but not too cold that you can’t head out and the leaves are so very beautiful. Favourite spots are definitely Nami Island and Haneul Sky Park near the World Cup Stadium. 

Not sure if I’ll return again, but if I do, I’m definitely gonna hit the smaller cities like Jeonju and Busan and maybe even the countryside. I have a feeling it might have even more hidden treasures for me to find. 


I’m finally starting to pack in earnest. If I didn’t have to work tmr afternoon, I think I’d only start then hahaha. Typical procrastinating behaviour. 

So yep, I’ve 70% packed. Just need to settle my carry-on, download new songs and shows on the phone and iPad respectively, go to work in the afternoon, and I should be set! Oh yes, and pack my insurance papers too. Hopefully writing all this down will help me remember lol. I’ve been having the memory of a goldfish lately. 

Anyway, yes, if I’m a bit quiet on here or on the other blog, it’s because I’ll be on vacation. I’ll still have internet access so maybe I can blog some photos here and there but I also want to fully be in the moment so we’ll see how. 

See you on the other side! 🙂 

Taking stock.

So a few weeks ago, my ex-Director gave us each farewell gifts. Everyone got a postcard and a small token of appreciation. Mine turned out to be pretty earrings. My card was a ‘I feel such gratitude for your ________’ and on it she wrote ‘dedication’. Idk why but ‘dedication’, ‘tenacious’, ‘perseverance’ and its various synonyms have appeared a lot in my life – especially in school testimonies from teachers. Am I really such a person hahaha cos I don’t think I am particularly so.

She also gave the young officers (including me) a small pep talk before she (finally) vacated her office. Okay, that sentence might sound a bit mean but I have no malice or ill intention behind it. She just really took her time to vacate her office, pushing it till the last moment before the new Director came in.

Anyway, she comes from a well-meaning place, so I can’t really fault her for that. She also gave me some pretty good advice and suggested several routes my career could take in the future. Some of which I have been considering already (despite my short term in Adulthood haha). I have been thinking of switching to the IO scheme and exploring the possibility of a more research-based posting just to see how well I would do in it. IO because, the other officers on the scheme seem to be doing well and I think I can be as good as them, given the chance. Research because well that was basically what my 4 years in uni prepared me for and I want to see how I can challenge myself further in that area.

I still need to talk to HR about it cos technically I haven’t been emplaced yet haha. We’ll see how it goes.

Random sidenote, I’ve made a new blog! #recommendationwednesday wasn’t really working on here cos I felt like it was too cluttered and unorganised so I’ve created List of Current Obsessions! It’s basically reviews of music, film, tv, books etc that I like or made me feel something. I’m really having a lot of fun on it so it would be really cool if you guys check it out 🙂


Today, at the insistence of my Director and RO, I took 2 hours TO off work today. It’s gearing up to one of our busiest periods of the year and I pray I will stay healthy throughout and come out the other end all okay haha. It really seems like it will be an intense 3 weeks to a month.

Instead of heading home though, I detoured to Somerset and went to library@orchard aka one of my favourite libraries in the country. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing with its white shelves, high ceilings and roller ladders (is that what it’s called?)

I legit took close to two hours just browsing the numerous shelves and absorbing as much of book essence as possible. Does that make sense haha. It got me thinking about why I do this – aimlessly going round the shelves with not much of a to-read list in mind. I think it helps me destress. The past week or so has been a bit stressful on the home front and work isn’t helping either. So it was just very chill to get a bit of “me time” at the end of a busy week.

Separately, the YA collection at library@orchard is a bit disappointing. I looked up at least 7 titles that I wanted to check out but all of them were not available. There were copies at BP library though hurhur. So note to self: next time you want to go to a library, just go to BP.

Also, I’m aiming to finish three books this weekend so that I can at least attempt to catch up to my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge. I just finished rereading Illuminae an hour ago. Hopefully I can get to the other two books soon and quickly too *muscle emoji* 

I hope you all have a nice weekend ahead! Rest well~