Today, at the insistence of my Director and RO, I took 2 hours TO off work today. It’s gearing up to one of our busiest periods of the year and I pray I will stay healthy throughout and come out the other end all okay haha. It really seems like it will be an intense 3 weeks to a month.

Instead of heading home though, I detoured to Somerset and went to library@orchard aka one of my favourite libraries in the country. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing with its white shelves, high ceilings and roller ladders (is that what it’s called?)

I legit took close to two hours just browsing the numerous shelves and absorbing as much of book essence as possible. Does that make sense haha. It got me thinking about why I do this – aimlessly going round the shelves with not much of a to-read list in mind. I think it helps me destress. The past week or so has been a bit stressful on the home front and work isn’t helping either. So it was just very chill to get a bit of “me time” at the end of a busy week.

Separately, the YA collection at library@orchard is a bit disappointing. I looked up at least 7 titles that I wanted to check out but all of them were not available. There were copies at BP library though hurhur. So note to self: next time you want to go to a library, just go to BP.

Also, I’m aiming to finish three books this weekend so that I can at least attempt to catch up to my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge. I just finished rereading Illuminae an hour ago. Hopefully I can get to the other two books soon and quickly too *muscle emoji* 

I hope you all have a nice weekend ahead! Rest well~


Music Bank in Singapore.

Oh wow, okay, I’m really writing this. It all happened nearly 24 hours ago and I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’ve seen BTS (and 4 other acts!) already. Cries take me back to yesterday.

In case you didn’t realise, this is going to be a long post. Also, I’m only going to be posting the photos cos I miiiight be making a short compilation video of the performances. I’ll be linking performances (from better angles) whenever possible!

Okay, I reached the venue around 4pm (after putting my work laptop at home first) because I stupidly lost my physical tickets that they mailed out a few weeks ago. And I only realised when I reached home that day. Luckily I called the organiser and they told me I could reprint the tickets at the venue! Yayyyy.

At the venue, there were a lot of people selling/giving out fangoods and this is what I got!! I also spent a lot of money but shh I’m not gonna count.

I made quite a few “friends” in the queue as well! Honestly, this is my favourite part to going to a concert solo – just striking up a conversation with the person next to you and being all giddy with excitement that you’re seeing your favourite acts very soon.

Inside, the venue was really great. It’s about half the size of Indoor Stadium so it’s really cosy and I feel like any seat that you get would still have a great view of the stage. I had Cat 1 tickets so wow I was really near to the stage!

And then it started.

They all came out singing Singapura hahaha (is that our default song now for foreigners lol) and I saw Kim Seokjin for the first time and I am not kidding when I’m saying this but I legit teared up seeing him and the rest of Bangtan. Omg this man has me whipped. He was beautiful and flawless and *insert other amazing adjectives here*

Mamamoo started first and boiiiiiiii. My girlcrushes on Solar and Hwasa just x10000 from now on okay. I’m pretty sure they sang live most of the time but the playback track was sometimes too loud to tell. But their vocal runs was amazing. And when they did their sexy drops (which was a lot)…I was a goner hahaha. They only performed 4 songs but it’s okay they performed all my favourites hehehe.

Red Velvet was next and erm you could tell right away that they mostly lip-sync to the music. Which is an irony cos during the special stages later on, the members could sing live pretty well?? Maybe they don’t have the stamina yet for dance+sing at the same time? But it’s okay RV is really a cute band I just love bopping along to the songs. I lost my shit when the Red Flavor went on though. That song is a bop. And, the member that had to speak English (was it Wendy? I still don’t know their names lol) was so cute omg, you could really see she was nervous but it was so cute seeing her nervously speak. Gah, adorable.

They had special stages as well! The first one was Kdrama of Singapore (or something along those lines) and they had some members from the different acts perform the OST from Love in the Moonlight and DOTS! Spoiler alert: no one from BTS was in the special stages, which is a pity!!! I felt like either JK or Jimin could easily have done it but oh well. The only thing that stood out for me was Onew singing Gummy’s You Are My Everything  from DOTS (nice move btw since he’s in the cast and all). He really made the song his own and managed to pull off the high notes despite it being tailored for a female!

Next up was CNBLUE. Now, this was the act I was most unsure about cos I haven’t heard any of their songs. But I can say now that I’m a fan. Their songs are great, have a rockish feel, and their stage presence is there. I think they’re one of the most senior group in the lineup, and it definitely shows in their performance. They just felt very at ease on stage, like it was their second home. My favourite song is Crazy/Micheoseo? Idk but that word was repeated a lot of times in the song hahaha.

They had two special stages – Fever Night of Singapore and Melody of Singapore and it was pretty cute but nothing outstanding. I can’t remember when Taemin performed but should be in this segment and oh my god. He’s truly the dance king on stage (link: here). I really wished he performed this song in Japanese though (it was originally a Japanese single) cos I feel like it suited the song better. But wow. Those moves. I’ve always been a sucker for contemporary dance so I was all heart eyes over him.

Up next, BTS oh my god. The crowd literally pulsated when the intro vid was on and ahhhh I completely lost my shit. I don’t even know if I have good shots from their set cos I was having too much of a good time dancing/singing/screaming along to the songs. They started with Blood, Sweat and Tears and holy shittt you could tell they sang live from the get go. And their dancing was on point too! How do they manage omg these talented people cries. Not saying anything bad about the other groups, but when BTS danced, it was on a whole other level. They put 110% in their dancing and the moves are all executed so sharply.

Halfway through the song, I realise that my eyes keep going over to Hobi. I don’t know what it was. He has this stage presence/aura about him that will just keep your eyes glued to him. He looks very happy on stage and you just know he’s born to be a performer. I don’t know how I could explain it but yeah, that’s the closest I could get to describing it haha.

They also performed a medley of Boy in Luv/Danger/Run (link: here)and ahhhh these underrated singles. I love them.

They did a bit of a fanmeeting segment in the middle of their set where they called two lucky fans from the lucky draw of phone numbers that we were told to put in earlier before entering the venue. I know there’s a lot of controversy (see:here) but I definitely agree that the girl who first went up on stage was not the person who got called. She pretended. And get this, she was sitting directly behind me! So the guys were looking in my general direction hehe. But omg I feel so disgusted by her now. Another fan could have taken a photo with Bangtan that actually legitly won the draw.

BTS ended their set with Fire and omg I’m so happy that they chose Fire over Not Today. No offense to Not Today, but Fire is still the anthem to me. That performance is always electric (see:here).

Shinee closed the show and wow idk who was responsible for the lineup but good job them for choosing Shinee over BTS despite their popularity now. It’s only right since Shinee is the sunbaenims. They performed View first and ooooooh another song I lost my shit to. Minho wasn’t there though (I think he’s busy filming his drama cries) but it was okay I still have my Jonghyun and Taemin hehe.

Then they had the ending stage where everyone came back on stage to say goodbye and I caught a very cute Jinkook moment!! It’s up on my fangirl account lol hi here.

And then the whole shebang ended sigh.

I really had loads of fun and definitely recommend for Music Bank if the lineup is something you like! Each band performed about 4-5 songs so it’s really quite worth the money!

And now, I patiently await for news of Wings Tour Round II.


Bagel adventures.

I was dared by my colleagues to join a dating app (my first ever, gasp) on Thursday and I’ve only just properly gotten into it. Never thought I’d be a girl that uses dating apps lol but here we are.

I still find it weird that there are people on the daily that ‘likes’ me based on just a couple words and photos on the internet. I find it a bit creepy and majorly fascinating. If I was still in uni, I might want to write a paper about it haha.

Anyway, there was this pretty cute guy that ‘liked’ me yesterday and I thought I could start chatting with him after work today. But I didn’t know that there’s a time limit!! He seemed pretty cool too – he likes kpop and he loves going to concerts and has evidently gone to Japan before. Majorly cool. Sigh. I hope we get to meet on the app again haha.

I also managed to convince Syu and Jacq to join the app haha. Looking forward to comparing our bagel adventures~

Dress phase?

A year ago, I wouldn’t even think of picking up dresses while shopping. I don’t really see myself as a girly girl (whatever that means) or a demure one who wear dresses most of the time. I am a bit tomboy-ish – I love playing video games, watching animes, murder/mysteries – but not too much. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve bought 6 dresses this week. 2 today during lunchtime (totally unplanned), and 4 on Zalora just now. This might sound a little extreme but I haven’t bought clothes in a while and I have been itching for dresses lately. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Plus, I might have found a favourite brand of dresses online. It’s Taiwanese brand Tokichoi and all their dresses are so cute and very me. At least the me that I am right now.


And how could I not when the dresses are this cute? They’re also all a steal – with 3 of them being under $20 each and the last one under $25. I’m gonna have to pair that pink one with leggings cos I have a feeling it’ll be too short but I am still going to look cute hehe.

Will probably wear the blue dress that I bought from Lalu today on Friday to work and I’ll take a photo when I do! I tried it out in the shop and Aq immediately urged me to buy it hahaha. Hopefully the dress doesn’t cause too much of a ruckus like the yellow one I bought from Adil did. I can be very shy hahaha.

A lift encounter. 

I had my most embarrassing work conversation to date on Friday, just after I knocked off work. 

I ended up being in the same lift with a POH (let’s call him S; to throw anyone working for the G off lol) and he started some small talk on our way down. This is nice of him I guess since he’s a very busy person, he could have easily kept the silence like I usually do in such lift journeys. 

But he asked me 3 times in that short span of time whether I’m really working here. I mean, 3 times. And each time, I’m like yeah I do, I really do. Funny thing is, he’s going to be one of the GOHs for an event that I’m in charge of this coming weekend 🌚. I brought that up and he’s like yeah yeah I saw that on my calendar. I think he was a bit embarrassed after that haha. 

Am I really that young-looking 😭 I mean it was Casual Friday so I was just wearing a dress and my leggings and my backpack so I guess I didn’t really look professional but stillllll. 

I didn’t expect this to be one of the woes of being a working adult but look where we are now. 


Almost my whole family has been getting mysterious scratches on their bodies. My mother has it the worst with two long and somewhat deep scratches on her forearm. My sister has it on her thigh. I have a mysterious one on my knee.

We all don’t know how they got there.

Not sure if it’s something supernatural (it has happened before), but I’m honestly a bit freaked out.

Please, please go away, beings. We don’t want anything to do with you.

Reading invigorated.

I’ve been on a reading high lately. I find myself looking forward to reading on the crowded train and just spending those 45 minutes escaping from life for a bit (I even did a reading personality test and yep I’m an Escapist hahaha). Right now, I’m reading Death of a Perm Sec (the language is a bit meh but the plot is engaging enough especially with the ongoing Lee Family Feud to contrast it with) and Blonote (this is a collection of quotes by Epik High’s Tablo and I’m reading it in small doses so that I can really savour it all).

This is very much surprising cos for the longest time I was in a reading slump – which explains why I am currently 11 books behind my Goodreads Reading Challenge huhu. I’m planning to read a couple of mangas to make it up. Speaking of, I bought 3 mangas and a book the other day on BookDepo as well! They were having their under $10 sale which is too much of a steal for me to pass up on. Looking forward to reading those as well.

And this is all thanks to my colleague at work: K. K can read 6 books a week when she’s in the mood and get this – she’s a mom of 3 too. How does she do it with 3 little boys and a husband around her I have no idea #futuregoals. K is also a kdrama fan so you can imagine what kind of conversations we have during lunchtime and those little pockets of time throughout the work day. But I do enjoy recommending to her books or talking to her about the latest adventures in a book we’re reading together.

My neighbourhood library recently reopened too and the space is gorgeous – very white and minimalist which I love. My only concern is that there’s no more computer terminals where people can just browse the internet? The ones connected to the library catalogue are still there though but that’s not the same. I need to take another look to confirm. There were loads of people checking the new spaces out the opening day and even though I don’t like crowds, especially in a library which is sacred ground to me, I was heartened to see everyone in the reading spirit.

Maybe the National Reading Movement is pretty effective.


The other day, my ex-best friend (I think it’s safe to call her this now, given the circumstances), texted in the group chat to list three good things about her, three bad things, and three words to describe our relationship. And so me being my honest self replied with this (in a private conversation with her cos I don’t want to open her aib in front of everyone else):


Idk I felt that it was fairly accurate and even somewhat softened already (especially regarding the tactless part – I actually didn’t want to put the ‘sometimes’ bit). This was 2 days ago and I have been met….with complete silence on her end. Even though she has replied on the group chat regarding other topics we were all talking about. What was the point of her asking then if she just ignores my message?

The thing is she has also been posting these weird sub-tweets on her Twitter account feeling wronged and how someone is being hypocritical. She only has 13 followers. Now, put yourself in my shoes and what is your natural conclusion? You definitely will feel that all these tweets are targeting you right? It’s not a case of siapa makan cili rasalah pedasnya. It’s a logical conclusion.

Now, I don’t get why she wants to do this roundabout way of talking about it. We are nearly 24 and this shit is getting tiring. I guess I’m also contributing to the problem with writing this post here instead of just texting her back asking what’s wrong but I just needed an outlet to vent tonight. This is not just a one-off occurrance. Now that I look back, there’s been numerous times during our friendship where I’m uncertain where I stand and even feeling like I’m walking on eggshells when I deal with her. I feel like I’ve always been the one giving and putting more effort in the friendship than she’s ever been.

I’m blessed now to be surrounded by good friends and we mutually support each other. On hindsight, I think my friendship with this friend was a toxic one. Based on her tweets and self-declaration, she has bouts of depression but still the lashing out and cold treatment is taking a toll on me.

Should I just be selfish and cut all ties with her? My rational self says yes since it’s causing me so much unnecessary stress and she isn’t even aware of it. But a part of myself that wants to be a caring friend says I should just stick it out as being a friend means being there for the good and the bad parts.

What should I do? Any advice would be good, at this point.

Suddenly I’m going to all the concerts lol.


Guess who’s going for Harry Styles next year! I had to give his November concert a miss cos it was too near my Korea trip date and I would have no money left to spend on a concert ticket lol. That’s why I was so happy when he announced a 2018 date and Singapore is listed as one of the stops! He must have really liked it here in 2015 during the OTRA 1D tour. I have to say, SportsHub has really improved their online ticketing system since the last time I used them (see: 2015 OTRA). The purchasing was so smooth, like SISTIC’s, I couldn’t believe it. It could be due to the low demand since this is only for 1 1D member but I don’t really think so cos when I just logged into the system at 10am, 2 blocks were already unavailable. Plus, this is Harry Styles, arguably the frontman of 1D. I really think they’ve stepped up their system. Thank God.

With this purchase, I already have 3 concerts lined up for me. 2 this year (Music Bank, Bastille), 1 next year. Plus there’s semi-legit rumours that Bangtan might come for a full concert in December (which omg I will not be able to deal. I already can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’m seeing them for the first time at Music Bank in a little less than 2 months). I AM SO HAPPY. People might think that concerts are just a waste of money since they only last about 2.5 hours at most, but I don’t really care. They make me feel alive and there’s nothing like feeling the bass thrum through your whole body and seeing this pulsating mass of people moving along to the same beat.

It’s one of the closest things to magic for me.

How To Deal with People (with different opinions than me).

Well, this weekend has certainly been illuminating, to say the least. I was down for an LP yesterday at Woodlands Bazaar (the heat and humidity almost killed me. I gulped 3 cups of water when it was iftar) seeking people’s feedback on the EP.

One of the questions was about having a woman candidate. I thought Singapore has progressed a lot on this front, and while the majority of people I approached were, it was startling to find some people still having very conservative views. One of them even justified that only males are capable to “lead” the country because Singapore has the lion as an icon. And that lions are males only. I mean – wow. I didn’t know how to respond to that but I just had to “plasticly” smile and nod like I agree with his view. I felt a bit of myself dying away cries. I mean this isn’t even for the PM position which is the real leader of the country. I almost wanted to shake the guy even though he’s a head taller than me.

Fast-forward to today where I watched Hidden Figures. This is part of my new weekly project – to watch at least a movie per weekend. Last week, I started with Me Before You (which made me cry my eyes out). Anyway, Hidden Figures was really good. It never really dawned on me how bad the segregation of blacks and whites were till I’ve watched the movie. I mean having separate bathrooms and coffee pots?? With the hindsight that we have now, it does look very, very ridiculous. I wonder what would look ridiculous 10 or 20 years down the road.