2 week flurry.

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The main update with me is that I’ve started my new temp job! It’s certainly been a learning curve but I am hopefully adapting well – maybe too well, according to A (the person I directly report to), she was astonished at how fast I work haha maybe I should pace myself. I now know how to update the website which is very cool haha. Unexpectedly, I also need to do some Malay to English translations at work so I’m thankful that my Malay has not rusted over the years. Definitely took a while to get the gears running again but it’s a well-oiled machine now. I’ve also worked some outreach events! I think they’re the most interesting part of the job cos I meet Singaporeans from all walks of life and see how government policies really affect them. Certainly eye-opening.

I went back to Temb last Friday too for the Alumni CNY dinner! It was really nice to see familiar faces again and I always feel at home whenever I’m there. Also talked a bit to Jon Heng! It really is wonderful when you have effortless conversations – especially when I think about how I was so shy during that first Temb camp and Jon was one of my OGLs. I still have the set of nice letters that everyone wrote for me at the end of camp. Everyone said I was “too quiet but still friendly” lol. I’d like to think I have changed a bit since those times and am more open to strangers now.

I also met my mentor last Tuesday for lunch at the National Gallery. Another place I need to add on my To Visit list. We talked about my new job and I am just so thankful that she hooked me up with this opportunity. I mean I did have to ace the interview but she did put in a good word for me that helped me get the interview in the first place.

Another thing that I just started is volunteering my Mondays after work at my local Meet-the-People session. I’ve always wanted to give back to society after all they’ve done for me and I think my new job + this MPS session are good steps towards that goal. It is certainly interesting. I’ve attended one session so far so I’ve only observed how they do the petition writing report. There was one point where a lady almost broke into tears telling how she needed financial help to cope with all her personal problems. I just wanted to give her a hug but it wasn’t appropriate in that setting :/

The last thing I’ve done so far is that I went to Park Bo Gum’s fanmeeting last night! That deserves a post of its own cos I need to share the wonderful photos but I just have to say that he is the nicest celebrity I’ve ever met. So sincere, so kind, and very down-to-earth. He’s made it to the top of my K-Actors list (sharing a spot with Kang Ha Neul hehe). The next 2 weeks are going to be super busy with post-Budget stuff/outreach events but I’ll make time to write that post, sometime in the next week!

I hope the week ahead will treat all of you well 🙂



Introverts don’t get lonely if they don’t socialise with a lot of people, but we do get lonely if we don’t have intimate interactions on a regular basis.

– Sophia Dembling, The Introvert’s Way: Living Quiet In a Noisy World

I’ve been feeling like this lately. And it’s not for lack of social interactions. I get plenty of that at home, at work, even at driving school. But I haven’t seen some of my closest friends in close to a month now and I’m feeling it.

It feels awful.

And not to sound ungrateful cos I had plenty of lovely conversations with other friends (see: JB tip) and acquaintances but it’s not the same. And I have been talking to #teamnoblindside online but it’s not the same. I always thought I could survive on my own but how silly and naive of me to think that. Of course I can’t. I need my closest family and friends around me. Take one away….and I end up feeling like this.

I just need to remind myself that everything is alright. Everything will work out. Thank God I’m meeting them end of this week if not I think I’m going to go crazy or lonely or both.

Sorry for the ramble. I just needed to get it all out there.

Little anecdotes.

This post might not make a lot of sense since it’s about the little moments in my life. Let’s do this.

#1: Sign of a great friendship

So, we Kambengs went on a Jalan Raya the last few days of Syawal a couple of weeks back. Thinking about it, it might even be our last ever, since next year Amira will be married and married life can be a little hectic (she’s gonna live in Woodlands!) and that made me a bit sad. I’m happy for her upcoming stage of life but come December, I feel like the group’s dynamic might be a little different.

Anyway, I just decided to enjoy the present rather than ruminating and getting anxious about the future and I’m glad I did. It was really a great time spent together. When we were at Amira’s place, Amira pointed out that the guy currently on television always reminded her of me cos it seemed like he’d be the perfect type for me. In her own words, “He’s cute and a bit awkward but not in a bad way and he’s really funny.” She was referring to Donal Skehan, the host of Grandma’s Boy. I’ve seen his shows a couple times browsing the channels mindlessly and I have to say, Amira is pretty spot on. Looking back, my past crushes has always been on cute people that are a bit awkward but has a great sense of humour. I’ve just never been able to categorise or see it so clearly before.

I was just a bit blown away that even after 7 years of leaving secondary school, she still knows me pretty well. I’ll admit, I even felt a bit touched.

#2: Mini-feature on TNP

In case you didn’t know, I run a bookstagram account (@bookmosaic). I’ve always been a bit too in love with books and words and language and what better way to showcase this love in the digital age than setting up an Instagram account? I think it’s a bit over a year since I’ve started and even though I might not have a lot of followers, it’s one of my little delights. I like taking photos. I like books. Bookstagram’s perfect for me.

Since I didn’t have a lot of followers, I thought I wasn’t really making much of an impact online. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But yes, I was thoroughly surprised when my Book Friend Priscilla mentioned that we were part of a local feature on reading in The New Paper (link: here) It’s just a small mention near the end of the article but it seriously made my day!

Graduation, amongst other things.

Today, it was Amira’s turn to don on the graduation mortarboard and I couldn’t be more happy for her! Mine was 3 weeks ago and I still remember that special warm fuzzy feeling inside seeing all my friends from different stages of my life gathered together just for me. Is it selfish of me to feel like that? It truly was a special day and I’d definitely remember it for years to come.



Very happy of all our successes so far! Who knew we’d make this far from being nerdy secondary school kids? 😀

Anyway, Amira dropped the big news that she’s getting married this December! 10 December, which is 5 days before my birthday. My first reaction was like WOAAAAAAH. I mean it wasn’t wholly unexpected since her boyfriend and her were pretty serious but still! My second reaction was omg I am so happy for my friend. I guess it shows the strength of our friendship (10 years and going now!) that I wasn’t jealous/feeling small of myself/comparing myself with her. Which I feel is talked about a lot more in TV shows or those self-help articles that you can find online (looking at you Thought Catalog). I just can’t help feeling so happy! Hopefully I’ll get to participate in the whole wedding process since most of my cousins are either married already or around the same age as me.

Ahh today was so good. The only thing that’ll make it better is if an interview email comes through (pls pls pls). The Quest for a Job is still ongoing, in case you’re wondering. I have faith in Allah that things will work out and at their own pace but I can’t help having totally panic-inducing and anxiety days where I feel completely worthless and undeserving to live under my parents’ roof even though I know full well that I have my own set of accomplishments with many more to add in the future. Gah. I’ve always said I’d love to fast forward to 2017 where I’ve hopefully settled somewhat into my job and living life with considerably less worries. But I know all these days will lead up to that one day I get a permanent job. Till then, I’ll just have to wait and survive it out. Pray that I do, guys 🙂 #stillholdingontohope


Went to try Mexican food with Amanda on Thursday! Can’t believe I miss this girl so much haha, it’s pretty true that going on trips can either make or break it for friendships/relationships. Thank God it was the former for us.

Anyway we went to Afterwit at North Bridge Road; one of the only halal Mexican restaurants/cafes in SG.  I love North Bridge Road/Haji Lane area; there’s so much food I want to try.


The food was pretty good even though we had a 40 min wait cos it was peak lunch hour. Silly us. But the time passed by quickly cos we always had something to say. Also the place has a nice chill vibe – they even have card games on hand – so we didn’t feel pressured to eat quickly and leave. In fact, I think we were the last ones out during the lunch hours. Quite interesting to see a crowded restaurant turn empty.


How to finish I tell you.

The quantity of the food is definitely a lot. I had Cajun Chicken Tacos whilst Amanda had some cheeseburger-burrito-with-Mexican-rice combination and we shared nachos for starters. On hindsight, we probably would have been fine without the starters haha. I ended up not finishing my food but thankfully they allowed me to pack up the leftovers! #dontwastefood #savetheearth

Seeing Cap and the crew.

Finals begin tomorrow for me (9am no less, pls don’t break down MRTs) so of course this is the perfect time to update on what happened last week. Huhu procrastination.

But yes, I finally went to meet Captain America and the rest of the crew last week! Okay, maybe see was a better word since the turnout was very crazy (all 4 floors overlooking the stage were filled). Me, Jacq and Val even had a little adventure playing peek-a-boo with the security guards as we tried to sneakily open the black drapes that covered the best view on the third floor. Why there were even drapes in the first place, I have no idea. It’s not as if without the drapes people are gonna topple the stage lights smh.

These are some of the photos I took:


Everyone looked really great in person. Especially Sebastian Stan homg he might just win the most-good looking person that night. Sorry Chris Evans. But Seb came out in this really lovely blue jacket and his hair was swept back and he looked like he had so much fun mingling with the fans. Anthony Mackie was amazing too though! Not only did he jump the ice-skating bannister to go into the audience (!!!), he also ran up the escalator up to the second floor, with puzzled security personnel following him hahaha.

Overall, I think it was a good experience. I didn’t get to see them up close but just seeing them is already meeting my expectations hahaha. Also one good thing about being small and petite is that you can sneak into places other average-sized people can’t muahaha. I actually managed to make a little seat for myself on the floor (cos I couldn’t get a good view standing and also I was tired of standing after 3 hours on my feet).

Afterwards, we were all pretty hungry and not quite ready to leave for home yet. Well, me anyway. So we made our way to Bugis/North Bridge Road to try The Ramen Stall, the first (and only, I think) halal ramen in SG! This was also my first time trying ramen so I was pretty excited.


One mistake I made, which the others laughed at haha, was eating the entire edamame pictured there. Yes, including the skin. I’ve never had edamame before and I thought they’re just normal peas which you can eat the skin of. But nope, it turned out to be very straw hay-like after a few chews which made it difficult to swallow. But the ramen was really good! Obviously, I had no reference as to what makes a good ramen but I thought it tasted wonderful. The soup is more delicious than the noodles though which felt like a homemade version of instant noodles. I’m so excited to try authentic halal ones in Tokyo in 10 days time! 10/10 recommend The Ramen Stall. It’s pretty affordable too at $13 per bowl with generous proportions (though that is before the service and GST tax).

So, yep. Last Thursday was a very perfect day for me.

Lunch with Salleh.

Finally met up with Salleh for lunch today! He’s already in his second semester in NUS but this is the first time we’re meeting up in school haha. The fault lies on both of us – it’s either one thing or another that come up and we have to cancel. But I’m very glad that today worked out. It had to, statistically speaking haha.

I never thought he’d be a guy friend I feel at ease to confide into. If you ask me during Sec 1/2, I sure as hell would say, “Never in my lifetime.” But I guess life is strange that way. Friends you thought would be there forever, wouldn’t and people that you slightly detest (because they were bullying/teasing you so much) would be.

I hope he straightens his act out soon and start enjoying his NUS life. It really will pass by quickly. Before he knows it, he’ll be like me, in his final sem.

I’m quite happy he wants to be at my convocation though! Maybe it’s just me being insecure but I didn’t think a lot of people would want to be there. I mean, aside from my family and #teamnoblindside, there’s not many others that I feel close to. Sometimes, I think the rational part of my personality prevents me from getting close to people sigh.

Also, I rode on his 1000cc bike! It was really cool. I can now relate to Stephanie Meyer’s New Moon; the bit where Jacob taught Bella how to ride a dirt bike. It felt something like that. Very exhilarating and the engine purred like a cat. Those 5 minutes on the bike (from UTown to CLB) were thrilling.

I would take up a motorbike license again but those Facebook accident videos have scarred me for life.