Sign of the Times – Harry Styles #recommendationwednesday

I know it’s not Wednesday yet but I just heard this song on Youtube and I am in love.

I may not be as as big a 1D fan anymore (when will they get back together though?? Their 1-year hiatus is long over) but wow this song is so good?? Those belting notes in the chorus are my ultimate parts of the song.

I think Harry may have finally found the genre for his voice. The song reminds me of old school rock and I can’t wait to listen to an entire album of it!

We never learn, we been here before

Why are we always stuck and running from 

The bullets? The bullets?

Also I’m eagerly anticipating the live performance for this song because holy shit those notes near the end of the song ❤

Happy Monday, guys! I will constantly put this on replay.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon #recommendationwednesday


I just have to recommend this show. It’s hilarious, it’s dark at times, and the chemistry between the two leads is so adorable to watch.

Here’s the premise of the show – Do Bong Soon is a girl born with superhuman strength. Her strength is due to her genes and is passed down only to the women in her family. One of her life goals is to design a game with herself as the main character. She also wants to become an elegant woman to meet the ideal type of her crush and long-time friend, Gook Du who is now a police officer. Thanks to her strength (and a series of funny encounters), she becomes the bodyguard of spoiled rich heir Ahn Minhyuk, the CEO of a gaming company. Minhyuk is the complete opposite of Gook Du, in the sense that he is arrogant and has no regard for rules. He has recently received anonymous death threats, hence the hiring of Bong Soon. There’s also a serial murder case happening in Bong Soon and Gook Du’s neighbourhood (which is just honestly creepy).

The set-up of the show already intrigued me and Sya when we first heard about it. Add the fact that Park Bo Young is in it and we’re goners. She’s so cute portraying a strong woman when she’s so petite (she’s either my height or just 2cm taller haha). Park Hyung Sik is also in the show and I was excited to see him after watching Hwarang (that show was a bit meh but I liked his acting in it).

The show is really quite good so far! There’s a mix of everything that I love – a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, a bit of murder. Perfect. They’re starting to play up the romance now between the two leads and I find myself unable to stop from smiling when I’m watching. Which tends to be on the MRT cos I have no other time to watch it. So, strangers would often give me curious looks haha.

I’ve also been spreading the love of this show in the office hehehe. I am very happy to report that I have one kdrama kaki at my workplace and she’s hooked now thanks to me *insert sunglasses emoji here* We IM each other on the progress of the show lol.

I hope the writing quality will last throughout the remaining episodes. The thing about kdramas is that it tends to be meh in the middle episodes and I’m praying this show doesn’t suffer from this syndrome. It’s been breaking ratings records which is heartwarming to hear! It’s also PHS’ first lead drama and I’m happy to see it doing well. He deserves it after the flop of Hwarang.

Cave Me In #recommendationwednesday

I know it’s not Wednesday but it’s been a while since I put something up on this tag.

I just watched this and I know this is going to be the next bop for me. I love Gallant and I love Tablo so this is perfect. I’m not that familiar with Eric Nam’s stuff but he sounds dreamy on this one.

Love’s either got you over heels or overdosed
It’s got you off your feet or on your toes

#recommendationwednesday Blame – Bastille

One of my favourite bands finally went on BBC Radio 1’s Piano Sessions to perform one of my favourite songs. I feel like this song is so old but also new. I first heard it when they played it as part of their set during their gig here – and that was back in early 2015? When I first heard the song, surrounded by the crowd pulsating to the beat, I immediately fell in love with it.

The thing about me is that when I hear English songs, it’s not the lyrics that matter to me. It’s the melody and the beat and the bass. (Interesting note: the reverse is true for when I listen to Japanese or Korean songs. The lyrics matter the most for those songs. I don’t know why.) So I was hooked line and sinker when I heard how gothic this song was. It reminds me so much of my emo days during secondary school but in a more sophisticated way haha.

Also, I teared a bit when I watched this video. I think it has something to do with how intimate it all felt…? But it also brings back memories of me in band and how everyone worked together to create a piece of beautiful music. The little glances they all shared with one another in the video and how clearly happy they are to be in a band just gets to me :’)

Awake. #recommendationwednesday

Long time no see, Cerebro. Life has been a bit busy these past few days but before I write a post about recent updates, I thought it’s about time I post something for this series.

And surprise, surprise, it’s BTS. More specifically, my ultimate bias in kpop land, Kim Seokjin. Bangtan recently released their second full album ‘WINGS’ and every track is amazing. Does not top HYYH Pt. 2 for me (god, that was a masterpiece) but I love how every track paints a bigger comprehensive picture even though individually they have different styles. All the members have solo tracks too (bless whoever in Big Hit who made this decision)!

Now, when Awake was first teased in Jin’s short trailer, I knew the song would slay me when the full studio version drops. I knew the lyrics were somewhat sad. What I didn’t know was how much it would affect me. I’m talking about how it’s the middle of the night (1 AM SG time) and I’m listening to the whole song for the first time while tearing up. Being a mostly emotionally numb sort of person, this reaction completely took me by surprise. Add on to the fact that there were no lyric videos available yet. Oh god. I talked to Sya about this and she said “well, since music is a universal language, you probably felt sad cos of the instrumental music and the intonation of his voice”. And I 100% agree. Seokjin sounded so sad in the verses but full of hope by the time the chorus hits, I couldn’t help but cry. He has grown so much since their debut days and I know he’s worked so hard and made sacrifices that we, as fans, probably don’t know of, and I’m just so proud seeing or rather hearing him slay that ballad. Apparently, he also wrote the lyrics and composed the song and oh god this man. He’s going to go on doing so many more amazing things.

My favourite lyrics are probably this:

Maybe I, I can never fly

저기 저 꽃잎들처럼
I can’t fly like the flower petals over there

날갤 단 것처럼은 안 돼
Or as though I have wings

Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky

그래도 손 뻗고 싶어
Still, I want to stretch my hand out

달려보고 싶어 조금 더
I want to run, just a bit more

It’s sad that he thinks he’s not as talented as everybody else in the group but he doesn’t let it bother him. He still perseveres and works hard. And I can relate to that feeling so much. I’m not the most talented person in the family or amongst friends. But I shouldn’t let it get in the way of me working hard to achieve my own set of successes. Gah, this song is so inspiring.

This was a rather rambly post, wasn’t it? I would apologise but then again it was the only way I could get my feelings across over how I feel about it. I just love this song to bits.

Dean. #recommendationwednesday

Yes, I’m finally reviving this series again. I’ve found a ton of good music recently so it’s time to share the love.

I recently discovered Dean and all I can say is that I absolutely love him. I’ve downloaded his latest EP 130 Mood: TRBL and I love all of the songs on there. It joins that rare list of albums where I’m in love with every track (see: BTS’ HYYH Pt. 2, Muse’s Absolution).

Dean is an R&B singer, which surprises me cos I don’t usually listen to R&B songs often. They weren’t my cup of tea but I guess my music taste is changing again. I love when this happens cos it gives me the chance to discover artists I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Bonnie & Clyde and D (Half Moon) were some of the songs that could not leave my brain. Complete earworms.

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde
One night
Who cares Who cares
Just friends Just friends Alright
Who cares Who cares
Come quickly come quickly Alright
Who cares Who cares
Till we die till we die Oh
Even if this is our last day together

Nothing comes even close
To half of you
It can’t fill me
It doesn’t fill me up, yeah
Just half
If only I had just half of you
Then I wouldn’t feel like this

Really good right? Ugh, I wish he’d tour internationally (I think so far he’s only doing Korean gigs) cos I’ll be the first in line to buy a ticket.

Young Forever. #recommendationwednesday

Turn on CC for English lyrics!

I actually had something else in mind to recommend this week but damn it Big Hit and BTS just decided to drop this MV/comeback trailer out of nowhere last night at 11pm (midnight KST) so sorry guys this takes precedence haha.

As expected, I really love the song. To be fair, I didn’t really like it from the get go. It sounded very different from their past two mini albums. But listening to the lyrics again and I’m hooked. BTS always does this to me. Everyone sounds really great, it’s Namjoon’s first attempt at composing, Jin sounds amazing, and Yoongi sings as background vocals homg. Too much to take. Also, this definitely adds to the theories because Namjoon (the first guy in the beginning) is the only one that doesn’t have a flashback to I Need U/ Prologue/ Run? Not sure what it all means but yeah.

Forever, we are young

Under the flower petals raining down

I run, so lost in this maze

Forever, we are young

Even when I fall and hurt myself

I keep running towards my dream

BTS always have such motivating and uplifting lyrics to their songs. It’s part of the reason why I love them so much. Not even kidding, but their songs helped me through some of my bad days the past 6 months. Every time I feel like giving up, I turn to Tomorrow’s lyrics (link here) or Never Mind (and here).

I stayed up really late last night discussing with Syu over WA what it all means haha. I love the life of a fangirl. It really adds to the whole fandom experience when you have someone to talk it over with.