Meeting Kang Ha Neul.

So, last Thursday, I ticked another thing off my bucket list – meeting one of my favourite actors, Kang Ha Neul. A little context here, I’ve loved KHN since Scarlet Heart (he played Wook so dearly even when the writing turned to crap in the second half) which okay, makes me a pretty recent fan but I’ve seen him in other shows too like Twenty and who could forget this episode of Running Man?

Thanks to the best Suitemate of the Month, Jacq, we managed to score media passes to the Meet and Greet and gosh, this is the only way to go for such events now. Sure, it was pretty packed in the media section what with the media people and contest winners but it was a hell lot better than queuing in the hot sun and being jostled by teenage fans.

Also, I made eye contact with him like three times and one of the times he smiled!!! Haha, I totally sound like a fan now don’t I? But he was so damn cute and he looked so much better IRL. I said this to Jacq but his makeup was done really well that day too. Even in the heat and humidity, he was glowing. He was his usual cheery and sheepish self and it was really cute to see. I could tell he was being genuine cos at the end of the event, he thanked the emcee earnestly and that was nice to see. I seem to stan the best people in the industry haha.

Anyway, I’m gonna end this post with some photos that I took that day. My new camera (Canon G7X Mark II) is proving to be a good investment cos look how clear it is! Looking forward to using it a lot on my trip then hehe.




Music Bank in Singapore.

Oh wow, okay, I’m really writing this. It all happened nearly 24 hours ago and I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’ve seen BTS (and 4 other acts!) already. Cries take me back to yesterday.

In case you didn’t realise, this is going to be a long post. Also, I’m only going to be posting the photos cos I miiiight be making a short compilation video of the performances. I’ll be linking performances (from better angles) whenever possible!

Okay, I reached the venue around 4pm (after putting my work laptop at home first) because I stupidly lost my physical tickets that they mailed out a few weeks ago. And I only realised when I reached home that day. Luckily I called the organiser and they told me I could reprint the tickets at the venue! Yayyyy.

At the venue, there were a lot of people selling/giving out fangoods and this is what I got!! I also spent a lot of money but shh I’m not gonna count.

I made quite a few “friends” in the queue as well! Honestly, this is my favourite part to going to a concert solo – just striking up a conversation with the person next to you and being all giddy with excitement that you’re seeing your favourite acts very soon.

Inside, the venue was really great. It’s about half the size of Indoor Stadium so it’s really cosy and I feel like any seat that you get would still have a great view of the stage. I had Cat 1 tickets so wow I was really near to the stage!

And then it started.

They all came out singing Singapura hahaha (is that our default song now for foreigners lol) and I saw Kim Seokjin for the first time and I am not kidding when I’m saying this but I legit teared up seeing him and the rest of Bangtan. Omg this man has me whipped. He was beautiful and flawless and *insert other amazing adjectives here*

Mamamoo started first and boiiiiiiii. My girlcrushes on Solar and Hwasa just x10000 from now on okay. I’m pretty sure they sang live most of the time but the playback track was sometimes too loud to tell. But their vocal runs was amazing. And when they did their sexy drops (which was a lot)…I was a goner hahaha. They only performed 4 songs but it’s okay they performed all my favourites hehehe.

Red Velvet was next and erm you could tell right away that they mostly lip-sync to the music. Which is an irony cos during the special stages later on, the members could sing live pretty well?? Maybe they don’t have the stamina yet for dance+sing at the same time? But it’s okay RV is really a cute band I just love bopping along to the songs. I lost my shit when the Red Flavor went on though. That song is a bop. And, the member that had to speak English (was it Wendy? I still don’t know their names lol) was so cute omg, you could really see she was nervous but it was so cute seeing her nervously speak. Gah, adorable.

They had special stages as well! The first one was Kdrama of Singapore (or something along those lines) and they had some members from the different acts perform the OST from Love in the Moonlight and DOTS! Spoiler alert: no one from BTS was in the special stages, which is a pity!!! I felt like either JK or Jimin could easily have done it but oh well. The only thing that stood out for me was Onew singing Gummy’s You Are My Everything  from DOTS (nice move btw since he’s in the cast and all). He really made the song his own and managed to pull off the high notes despite it being tailored for a female!

Next up was CNBLUE. Now, this was the act I was most unsure about cos I haven’t heard any of their songs. But I can say now that I’m a fan. Their songs are great, have a rockish feel, and their stage presence is there. I think they’re one of the most senior group in the lineup, and it definitely shows in their performance. They just felt very at ease on stage, like it was their second home. My favourite song is Crazy/Micheoseo? Idk but that word was repeated a lot of times in the song hahaha.

They had two special stages – Fever Night of Singapore and Melody of Singapore and it was pretty cute but nothing outstanding. I can’t remember when Taemin performed but should be in this segment and oh my god. He’s truly the dance king on stage (link: here). I really wished he performed this song in Japanese though (it was originally a Japanese single) cos I feel like it suited the song better. But wow. Those moves. I’ve always been a sucker for contemporary dance so I was all heart eyes over him.

Up next, BTS oh my god. The crowd literally pulsated when the intro vid was on and ahhhh I completely lost my shit. I don’t even know if I have good shots from their set cos I was having too much of a good time dancing/singing/screaming along to the songs. They started with Blood, Sweat and Tears and holy shittt you could tell they sang live from the get go. And their dancing was on point too! How do they manage omg these talented people cries. Not saying anything bad about the other groups, but when BTS danced, it was on a whole other level. They put 110% in their dancing and the moves are all executed so sharply.

Halfway through the song, I realise that my eyes keep going over to Hobi. I don’t know what it was. He has this stage presence/aura about him that will just keep your eyes glued to him. He looks very happy on stage and you just know he’s born to be a performer. I don’t know how I could explain it but yeah, that’s the closest I could get to describing it haha.

They also performed a medley of Boy in Luv/Danger/Run (link: here)and ahhhh these underrated singles. I love them.

They did a bit of a fanmeeting segment in the middle of their set where they called two lucky fans from the lucky draw of phone numbers that we were told to put in earlier before entering the venue. I know there’s a lot of controversy (see:here) but I definitely agree that the girl who first went up on stage was not the person who got called. She pretended. And get this, she was sitting directly behind me! So the guys were looking in my general direction hehe. But omg I feel so disgusted by her now. Another fan could have taken a photo with Bangtan that actually legitly won the draw.

BTS ended their set with Fire and omg I’m so happy that they chose Fire over Not Today. No offense to Not Today, but Fire is still the anthem to me. That performance is always electric (see:here).

Shinee closed the show and wow idk who was responsible for the lineup but good job them for choosing Shinee over BTS despite their popularity now. It’s only right since Shinee is the sunbaenims. They performed View first and ooooooh another song I lost my shit to. Minho wasn’t there though (I think he’s busy filming his drama cries) but it was okay I still have my Jonghyun and Taemin hehe.

Then they had the ending stage where everyone came back on stage to say goodbye and I caught a very cute Jinkook moment!! It’s up on my fangirl account lol hi here.

And then the whole shebang ended sigh.

I really had loads of fun and definitely recommend for Music Bank if the lineup is something you like! Each band performed about 4-5 songs so it’s really quite worth the money!

And now, I patiently await for news of Wings Tour Round II.


The little things.

Yesterday, while on the packed MRT on the way to work, I managed to glimpse a little something that made my day.

Just outside, on the platform station, there was this MRT officer who was helping a blind middle-aged guy to wait for the next train.

This wasn’t what struck me to write this post.

It was the utter joy on their faces. The officer looked so happy just to help this guy out early in the morning, and having a nice conversation with him. It’s probably part of his responsibilities to do so but that joy, it was so pure, I couldn’t not write about it. The blind man was also happy that someone was willing to help him out during the peak hour crowd.

Idk, it’s moments like this that makes me realise that Singapore is not as ruthless a city as the majority believes. There’s still human decency in everyone.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope it goes well 🙂

Lunchtime Adventures #1: dal.komm coffee

Creating a new category cos I have a feeling it might be a regular occurance now that I am in a full-time job (hopefully permanently! My interview is next Tuesday TT) and my lunchtime is mostly not regulated which also means new adventures yay. I love walking and discovering new places and lunchtime is good cos I can escape from still, air-con air lol.

Last Friday, since it was TGIF, me, A, and K thought it’d be good to hit dal.komm coffee after eating lunch. It comes highly reviewed by K. And I can see why! The atmosphere of the place, the drinks, everything, was exactly my aesthetic, for lack of a better word haha. If you don’t know, dal.komm is a sponsor of many kdramas – most recently, Descendants of the Sun and Goblin.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

I was so excited seeing the drama banner and plushies from both Goblin and DOTS! They didn’t have the ninja Grim Reaper on sale or I think I’d have impulse buy already hahaha.


This was so delicious omg. I think it’s called Strawberry Cube or something of the sort? It’s one of their best-sellers – no coffee, just milk and strawberries – and I definitely agree! Amazing in the hot weather as well.

unnamed (3)

Us and our drinks. K had the rose latte and wow, I will get it the next time after trying a sip of hers. 

The best thing about dal.komm is that they have options to select your coffee beans – decide whether you want a strong shot or just a mild blend. That is definitely good news for non/occasional coffee drinkers like me. I just can’t stand the coffee taste. That’s why most of my coffee drinks have to be heavily mixed with chocolate or something of the lot haha.

I told Sya about it and she’s obviously excited so I might head there next time with her! They also have some vegetarian sandwiches and they look very hipster-y so I’m gonna try that as well haha.

Meeting Park Bo Gum.

Almost a week since the fanmeet occurred but I finally have some time to write about it. That’s exactly how crazy my week has been. But this post is not about that. It’s about meeting one of the nicest person/celebrity I’ve ever met.

Sya and I bought Cat 1 tickets for Bogummy’s fanmeet months ago (I’m gonna keep calling him Bogummy now cos it’s such a cute nickname). At the time, I was just a casual fan of him – I like his acting well enough in Love in the Moonlight and I’ve seen a few snippets of him in variety shows to roughly know how he is like. But boy, I left the fanmeet with him straight up the top spot of my K-Actors list (sharing with KHN hehe).

First of all, when we arrived at the venue, it was already much better than LJS. Starhub, which I’m guessing is the partner TV network, was distributing free posters if you download their GO app. Obviously I went ahead and downloaded even though a) I’m not a Starhub user and b) I was on the verge of hitting my data cap. Anything for Bogummy hehe.

Next, we were in our seats, waiting for the event to start. Suddenly I heard, “Ok guys from this section you can come outside for the free fansite goods.” The person was actually referring to the section beside us but I shot right out of my seat and waited in line. Sya was a bit taken aback hahaha. But this sort of thing – you can’t think about it, you just have to do it. If not the chance is lost and won’t probably come again.


When the fanmeet was about to start, the concert organiser said, “This fanmeet will be approximately 3 hours long.” I just looked at Sya, she looked at me, we were both oh-my-god-is-this-real-life-ing. I told her beforehand that LJS only lasted 1.5 hours and I thought that was a pity. Plus he looked pretty tired which I don’t blame him cos he was filming a movie at the time and flying to all these cities for fanmeets during the weekends. The boy couldn’t catch a break. Anyway, getting back on track: we couldn’t believe it! This was going to be amazing! And it was.

Bogummy is great at taking care of fans and the people around him. There were segments of him

  1. Sharing his photos walking around Singapore, (he did it the day before and one of the places he stopped at was the Xtreme Ride thing at Clarke Quay which is directly. in. front. of. my. office. I SHOULD HAVE STAYED LATER AND LOITERED CRIES. He even took the ride twice sigh.)
  2. Eating local food – roti prata and carrot cake. This was so funny omg. He really liked prata, even used his hands! He especially liked the curry cos he dipped his carrot cake in it lololol.
  3. Cooking! – he made some tofu kimbap-lookalike thing and it was so cute. I wished the participant that went on stage was a bit more extroverted though. When asked how the food was (after being served and literally fed by Bogummy) she just said, “A bit plain.” with that meh face. What even. I mean act a bit more excited even if you say it’s plain sigh.
  4. Games with SJK! – yes, Song Joong Ki came. I lost my shit when he came out behind the stage, even though I knew he had arrived at Changi the previous night. The two of them had a very cute dynamic; you can clearly see the hyung-dongsaeng relationship with SJK more mature and Bogummy like a little beagle around him hehe.

Bogummy also sang when he was here! I’ll link you to my instagram of him singing 내 사람 which is one of my all-time favourite songs. He also sang Singapura and walked through the aisles. Which is amazing cos me and Sya had seats right next to the aisle so we saw him upclose and personal. And my phone actually recorded a bit of it!

But it was the end of the fanmeeting that held the best memory for me. When we all thought it was over, the concert organiser said “Park Bo Gum will soon hold a hi touch session with all ticketholders. Please kindly wait in your seats for further instructions.” THE CROWD WENT WILD. Every single one of us – 3500 people – were going to be up close with Bogummy and actually touch hands. I realise that sounded a bit creepy but it wasn’t okay haha. By this time, I was floored at the level of fanservice he’s doing. He’s honestly so nice and warm throughout the fanmeeting and now this…? There is a limit for every girl and I have reached mine.

We couldn’t take pictures of videos of the hi touch which is a shame but understandable since there was so many people and it was already quite late when the fanmeet ended. I was determined to make myself stand out so I was planning to play scissors, paper, stone with Bogummy before I hi-fived him. Things didn’t go according to plan though. The girl in front of us was so starstruck that she had difficulty walking towards him and the security guy was like “Ma’am please move forward. Ma’am. Ma’am.” I was already intimidated by him at this point so my scissors, paper, stones became…

A cute V sign hahaha.

I think he was a bit shocked that I was doing it so I felt a bit stupid seeing his blank face trying to understand what I was doing but in the end he did the V sign too hehehe. ME AND BOGUMMY ARE AEGYO FRIENDS NOW RIGHT hahaha.

We both left feeling extremely satisfied. Sya and I promised to go to his fanmeet again the next time he comes by! I’ll leave this post with a few photos.



Thank you Bogummy and management for such a great fanmeeting with a lot of heart! Hope you enjoyed your stay here and come back soon! 🙂

Turning 23.

Before I start things proper, I have to say there’s a thunderstorm going on right now and my heart is singing~ I do love it when it rains.

This post is a week late oops. I turned 23 over a week ago. I’ve been trying to up my blogging game and post more regularly but I guess it’s off to a bad start haha. Anyway, yes my birthday was last week. If you know me in real life, you know I’m #1 fan of birthdays. It’s not just my birthday. I feel so happy whenever I know someone has a birthday coming around – and I don’t know why. It’s just amazing that we are able to survive another year on this piece of rock that is spinning around the universe.

My mom bought a red velvet cake for the occasion from her FB friend and erm it wasn’t the tastiest cake. It was way too sweet, even for my taste. But it’s okay. The best part of any cake is getting to cut it.

I also went to the Avengers exhibition with Jacq, Val and Sya over the weekend! Looking back it would have probably been good if we went earlier but circumstances didn’t allow for it and I’m grateful anyway to spend some time in one of the best places on Earth with some of my closest friends. I am a hugeeeeee Avengers and Marvel fan so it was guaranteed to be a pretty good day. I love how the exhibition has an official app and it adds more interaction to the whole thing. The premise is that you’re a new recruit to SHIELD and you have to prove you have what it takes to be an agent by learning about the different Avengers and SHIELD’s history. The app will ask you some trivia questions about it – and some of them are way too easy haha.

I’ll put in some pictures from that day to round out this post 🙂


My main main, Cap *heart eyes*


I look like a 5 year old in Disneyland – and honestly I felt that way too hehe.


Trying to act cool holding the shield but internally fangirling.


Thank you friends for giving up part of your Saturday for me! I am truly blessed to be in your company ❤

That time when I spent too much.

Which was last Saturday.

Met up with 2/3 of Kambengs (Amira unfortunately had to give tuition) for the Parade of Bands event happening in the middle of Orchard Road. Of course, we went to support WSMB 🙂 Every time I think of WSMB, I can only think of happy memories even though most of the time was spent under the hot sun marching away…I think my brain has washed away any unhappy memories I had during that time. Ah, the bliss of time.

We went to Innisfree first since we had some time before the parade started and omg I discovered the magic of their face masks. I saw a middle-aged lady buying 30 face masks at one go and I thought she was crazy at the time but now that I’ve tried one (Bija face mask; apparently really good at targeting skin problems which the Lord knows I need some help in that department), I am tempted to buy as many as her. I feel like it really does clear up all the blemishes and make my skin look clearer ❤ Why did I take so long to discover them sigh. Also I bought their volcanic pore mask which is pretty good for me too! Already spent about $26 at this point.

It was another stupidly hot day (I would like the monsoon winds to come back this way please) and we spent most of the time trying to find shady areas that were not blocked off by CISCO guards. Why they blocked it off I have no idea. They cite “security reasons”, being afraid that we might get knocked down by the marching bands but lol most of the bands were too small to take up the entire width of the road.

But yes, West Spring performed!! For like the shortest period out of all of the bands, I feel zzz. But it was great seeing some familiar faces like Limau (and his protruding stomach). I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride seeing the juniors marching down the street.

Afterwards, Syu and I headed to Kino while waiting for iftar time while Fatin went home and holyyyyyy I lost my shit in there. THERE. WERE. SO. MANY. BOOKS. On so many topics! I swear Singapore suffers from really good bookstores. I always get jealous looking at bookstagram photos of cute indie bookshops overseas. Kino isn’t indie but their selection of books is so awesome I wanted to cry right there on the spot. Also, their manga selection is A++. Recently, I’ve been obsessed reading Orange on MangaFox so I was absolutely delighted seeing the first two volumes on their shelves! Plus it was the last two copies hahaha. I immediately grabbed them even though they cost $36 each but I justified to myself on the way to the cashier that they will be graduation presents to myself hurhur. I love how my brain thinks sometimes. So, another $60+ spent there.

On the way to Cine’s McD (cos we wanted to try the new salted egg stuff), there was this group of people giving out cookies and sampul surat raya which I thought was a fantastic idea. I’d really like to get more into these kinds of projects but 1) I don’t know where to start searching for one and 2) sometimes I get too intimidated and chicken out which I know is extremely bad of me. I should just #gojer and experience new things cos how then would I grow as a person??? Baby steps then.

While chilling at Macs, Syu and I had the most loveliest chat of our friendship so far talking about anything and everything under the sun. And I do mean everything. I confided in her about my fear of commitment and we also talked about Bangtan (of course). I think we analysed why Bangtan is our favourite group out of all groups in Kpop haha. I might write a separate post on that soon.

Later, we went to explore Scape and wow, I love the vibe there. The mall is so hipster and there’s cute handbags that sell for pretty cheap! I bought one for $15 cos I realised that I had no bag for Raya. I had to tumpang Aishah’s bag last year hahaha.

Now can you see why I said I spent too much that day? 26+67+15+5.50 (for food) = money flying away sigh.

Someone pls employ me soon. I need the moolah.

But I really did enjoy myself a lot on Saturday so….*self-justification*


Went to try Mexican food with Amanda on Thursday! Can’t believe I miss this girl so much haha, it’s pretty true that going on trips can either make or break it for friendships/relationships. Thank God it was the former for us.

Anyway we went to Afterwit at North Bridge Road; one of the only halal Mexican restaurants/cafes in SG.  I love North Bridge Road/Haji Lane area; there’s so much food I want to try.


The food was pretty good even though we had a 40 min wait cos it was peak lunch hour. Silly us. But the time passed by quickly cos we always had something to say. Also the place has a nice chill vibe – they even have card games on hand – so we didn’t feel pressured to eat quickly and leave. In fact, I think we were the last ones out during the lunch hours. Quite interesting to see a crowded restaurant turn empty.


How to finish I tell you.

The quantity of the food is definitely a lot. I had Cajun Chicken Tacos whilst Amanda had some cheeseburger-burrito-with-Mexican-rice combination and we shared nachos for starters. On hindsight, we probably would have been fine without the starters haha. I ended up not finishing my food but thankfully they allowed me to pack up the leftovers! #dontwastefood #savetheearth


Note: this is a really long overdue post. It’s been about 2 weeks or so since I’ve been back and I’m just writing this post haha. Typical me.

Anyway, this is not a day-by-day recap of the trip. It’s more of a what-I-felt-throughout-the-trip kind of post.

First of all, I have to thank Amanda for being such a great and accommodating travel partner! It’s highly unlikely she’ll see this post but that doesn’t mean thanks aren’t in order (though I have thanked her IRL too hehe). But yes, she was a really amazing travel partner. Tokyo was really more of my dream destination for a grad trip rather than hers so I’m forever grateful for her to saying ‘yes’ in the first place since my parents were adamant that I not travel solo or travel with guy friends only (still quite sore over this point but oh well what can I do). We even took a totally impromptu trip to Mount Takao to hike! By impromptu I mean looking up on Google that very same morning haha. I love spontaneity. And even though hiking isn’t my thing – I gave up halfway up the 3.1km nature trail – she still was so sporting and encouraged me all the way 🙂 I knew that our personalities wouldn’t clash on the trip but still it’s very nice to see a trip go well with no hiccups behaviour/personality-wise.

Takaosanguchi station. Even their railway stations are so pretty oh my.

Hiking up the mountain. It was around this point where I started regretting the decision to take the natural route instead of the easier trail haha. Still. Good memories made. Also, doesn’t this look like a scene off My Neighbour Totoro? 😀

The view I was rewarded with at the halfway point! Cool winds made it all the more worth it. And that’s Tokyo in the distance. Didn’t realise we had travelled quite a bit outside the city.

That didn’t mean that our trip was completely smooth-sailing though. No, it was far from that haha. We got lost so many times even I was astounded. The highlight was during the second last day where we planned to go to Chiba, just outside Tokyo to take in the countryside and get away from the city for a while. Being city-kids and Singaporean kids at that, we both thought that Chiba was just an MRT station – at most, maybe a housing estate like Pasir Ris or Choa Chu Kang. But nope. It turns out Chiba was a whole province and that the places we wanted to see were scattered all over. Hahahaha. So we settled on Sawara in the end and it was beautiful! It’s pretty much preserved from the Edo period so there were all these beautiful traditional houses separated by a canal in the middle of the street which was very cool.

Sawara is so beautiful. We went on a weekday so there was really nobody out on the streets exploring like us. It was amazing. Felt like we were in our own time bubble.

A post about Tokyo or Japan in general would not be adequate without any mention of the people there. I swear, they are the most friendliest people I’ve ever met. Beats even the Scots which I thought was pretty high up there on the Friendly Chart already. They really do help you out when you’re in need; sometimes without even you asking. Many trainmasters and just ordinary people have come up to us after looking at our lost faces and offering advice on how to go on our journey even though they can’t speak fluent English. I did catch some Japanese that they were saying (thank you anime and J-pop) but it was basically just a sign and body language communication. It’s amazing. And the service from the shops! I bought a scone on the way to Narita on the last day and the sales lady gave me a small tote bag to put the bagged scone in. A tote bag. For a scone. Wow.

Me and Amanda on the plane back to Changi. 5 days but it was a really great trip!

Safe to say that I really did enjoy myself on this trip. Tokyo was my dream for so long and it was the perfect place to go after ending my undergraduate education. I can’t wait to explore more of Japan and the world once I’m permanently employed hehe.

(Hint: I’m already planning a sisters-only trip to Seoul/Korea in Oct 2017 once the sister is done with her N Levels. BTS, PHJ, SJK, wait for me pls.)

Side note: all photos were taken with my iPhone 6 so apologies for any graininess! Also, they are all unedited since I am a complete noob when it comes to that haha.

Seeing Cap and the crew.

Finals begin tomorrow for me (9am no less, pls don’t break down MRTs) so of course this is the perfect time to update on what happened last week. Huhu procrastination.

But yes, I finally went to meet Captain America and the rest of the crew last week! Okay, maybe see was a better word since the turnout was very crazy (all 4 floors overlooking the stage were filled). Me, Jacq and Val even had a little adventure playing peek-a-boo with the security guards as we tried to sneakily open the black drapes that covered the best view on the third floor. Why there were even drapes in the first place, I have no idea. It’s not as if without the drapes people are gonna topple the stage lights smh.

These are some of the photos I took:


Everyone looked really great in person. Especially Sebastian Stan homg he might just win the most-good looking person that night. Sorry Chris Evans. But Seb came out in this really lovely blue jacket and his hair was swept back and he looked like he had so much fun mingling with the fans. Anthony Mackie was amazing too though! Not only did he jump the ice-skating bannister to go into the audience (!!!), he also ran up the escalator up to the second floor, with puzzled security personnel following him hahaha.

Overall, I think it was a good experience. I didn’t get to see them up close but just seeing them is already meeting my expectations hahaha. Also one good thing about being small and petite is that you can sneak into places other average-sized people can’t muahaha. I actually managed to make a little seat for myself on the floor (cos I couldn’t get a good view standing and also I was tired of standing after 3 hours on my feet).

Afterwards, we were all pretty hungry and not quite ready to leave for home yet. Well, me anyway. So we made our way to Bugis/North Bridge Road to try The Ramen Stall, the first (and only, I think) halal ramen in SG! This was also my first time trying ramen so I was pretty excited.


One mistake I made, which the others laughed at haha, was eating the entire edamame pictured there. Yes, including the skin. I’ve never had edamame before and I thought they’re just normal peas which you can eat the skin of. But nope, it turned out to be very straw hay-like after a few chews which made it difficult to swallow. But the ramen was really good! Obviously, I had no reference as to what makes a good ramen but I thought it tasted wonderful. The soup is more delicious than the noodles though which felt like a homemade version of instant noodles. I’m so excited to try authentic halal ones in Tokyo in 10 days time! 10/10 recommend The Ramen Stall. It’s pretty affordable too at $13 per bowl with generous proportions (though that is before the service and GST tax).

So, yep. Last Thursday was a very perfect day for me.